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Many of us have used the labyrinth at one time or another for grief, if only for our personal solace. I have had of late the opportunity to walk it while in the process of the death of a friend.

I find that many welcome us into their life, though not so many are so open to welcome in the process of their passing. I have been so fortunate to know a person who I celebrated the purpose of her life in the blessings of Joy. As a Certified Teacher of Laughter Yoga, this woman entered into my life like and it has been like a walk on the labyrinth. From that point there were turns here and there as we came to know each other closer. We walked the same path but with very different ideas and no matter how close one of us may have been to the center, the other was a balance in skirting the perimeter. Together we had planned to go to Italy and share an abundance of our joy and playful spirits.

One might say sadly, it never happened. Though we both learned a bit of Italian in the process and in the end, many things showed up on the exit path to declare what we had achieved singularly and walking together. The turns of her decline in physical form never diminished her spirit and zest for the living all the way up until the end.

As she stepped off the path late this evening, I am reminded that I am still on the path, full of the abundance, playfulness of spirit and the joy we created together. I am touched by knowing her and she was touched in knowing me and together that is all we have is the path we traveled together.

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