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Girl Scout Labyrinth in Park Ridge

The Park Ridge Girl Scout Labyrinth

The past few weeks in grief have led me to think of the time of summer vacation. It is a time to let go and for some it’s a period of mental checklists about what is important when we step away. For others it’s a time for exploration and for others it might be a time for the playfulness to be connected with our soul.

Girl Scouts

Troop 41196 of Park Ridge, IL

The Girl Scouts of Park Ridge have finished their project of building a labyrinth and while it was over a year in mentorship, it took less than a week to begin the transformation from a vacant piece of land in the nature center to a living breathing existence.

Being a mentor was about allowing them to ask, discover and realize what the labyrinth was all about individually and collectively. Providing resources, ideas and gentle guidance for their understanding and growth was another part. Of importance was the comprehension personally for each as their project was designed for the community and to take on something for the masses, one must understand the purpose of the pieces it is made up of.

This was an essential also because when the project proved to be a test, and indeed at times it was, each had to have a compelling reason to carry on. There was also the leadership and responsibility it created in educating the community about what it is and why it might be a contribution to our environment.

The process was much like a labyrinth walk and in all we did, there were the turns of reflection, reasoning and recognition. There was a midpoint where we stopped to take a long look and at the end, the transient nature of the girls available work schedules was a clear metaphor for the liberal use of this for people in the community to come and go.

Many metaphors, messages and milestones were created and much will continue as we meet in a month to develop the final pieces that welcome the community to it. It was a journey and now has a memory attached to it, like all of our walks in all of our days, each step is a part of building something new.

Build it… and they will come!

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