Welcome September


The Peace Labyrinth
by labyrinthlessons.com

The change of seasons will begin its migration this month and for the beginnings of Autumn at the equinox, we also celebrate the recognition of International Peace Day.

It is the flavor of this month’s theme and comes in many forms representing what prevails when we accept the changes that are constant and inevitable. The essence of peace helps evolution to transition well and be purposeful.

Whether it is peace for the world, a small community or simply for the individual, let the change begin with our acceptance and immersion into it. From there the world looks a lot more possible. Life seems more positive and we feel more purposeful in our endeavors.

This month let’s take one step at a time to establish a foothold for the peace we may wish to prevail and as we do, consider how beneficial it is for us and for others that we affect.

“Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding”
Albert Einstein

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