Peace of the Family

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Peace extends itself across the width and breadth of humanity waiting to be tapped into at any given moment patiently. While any can do this in silent, prayerful or grateful moods of bliss, how many become it while stumbling on the path?

Having been host to “the family” for the weekend, the labyrinth was available for any and all periods of stress that could and did show up when a houseful of relatives convened as returning adults under the guise of the happy occasion of a family wedding.

Ushering in and renewing the connection was met with laughter, over stimulated conversation and stories upon stories reconnected that melted the barriers of distance. Prewedding without any responsibility of the wedding itself, other than to show up and be the consummate happy family member was all that was asked. It left us the freedom of time and energy to arrive fully present and supportive to the needs of others, yet flexible enough to be the calm in any shade of chaos.

As the bride found out her marriage license was valid in the county she applied in and not in the county that was just a few miles over the border where she was to be married, tears streamed only moments before the big walk of her life. Resolution followed knowing that the trip of three miles to make it legal afterward was all that was needed when she opted out of perfection and into the peace of the day. Laughter ensued as the groom’s ring took Herculean effort to make its way down his finger to appease his bride and declare himself married in the most unmarried of positions he found himself in, as determination had a foothold in his heart…and peace ruled the moment.

Thus was the journey and the start of a new union… footsteps onto the new clean slate, labyrinthic in nature, winding through the obstacles and meeting them with the knowing that nothing could put aside the love that was present in the grounding and knowing peace.

Legally married on the side of the road will be a mention in the footnote of “someday we’ll laugh about this” and that someday came only an hour later at the reception when peals of laughter from the telling of the story set the tone for the harmony of two souls in blissful ignorance of problems… and there was peace.

It didn’t matter that the groom could not sing, nothing deterred him on his path to sing with the band, not even the fact that his now two older brothers-in-law were professional singers, he sang to his bride… and there was love on the path from his off centered vocal chords to the ears of his beloved. There was cheer in the air that allowed the caterwauling to become enchanting because there was love… and that was the bliss of peace.

Chair dancing became a new invention for the young lass with the sprained ankle and crutches who couldn’t join in on the dance floor and because there was love in the air, creativity ensued and there was peace in the moment and movement in the chairs. No one ever said that peace itself didn’t move or was silent.

Choices were made in this day and in the weekend that followed, because there was love, the peace ensued. This family story had its twist and turns of indecision and doubtful moments of emotion throughout, though what grounded all was the event and the attitude of the members. What flared resolved.

In the moment of a blissful day, everyone can find the peace, though in the moments of a wedding day, finding peace was a blissful choice and very labyrinthic in nature. Thus is the metaphor of the labyrinth, where we find the turns problematic or lessons and holding the intention of the walk solid and purposeful. Though being open and flexible to something greater can deliver us the wisdom of the way of the path.

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