Confusion or Clarity

Walk with the obstacles to discover the peace within.
Photo by StoneArt creations.

With confusion or clarity, both will lead to Peaceful endeavors, though one is more direct. Have you ever noticed that we tend to think of the smooth and clear path as more favorable, though we learn the most from the bumpy and obstacle laden ones?

We are ever in a flux of change and movement as the world does not stop its revelations because we are not ready to spin with it. Though most know the Earth is revolving, how many stop to find stillness? It is in connecting to the movement that we may begin to realize the idea of what being in the flow of things is all about.

According to Andrew Fraknoi, the Astronomy Chair at Foothill College, the Earth is actually moving at a speed of 1,000 miles per hour at the equator in order to move around the sun and stars in one 24 hour revolution, which proves that even if we think we are sitting still, we are moving. The good news is that speed slows down a bit as we move away from the Equator and with gravity it puts in perspective about why we don’t actually notice the movement.

Let that be a note of inspiration if you ever think you are stuck. Simply let go of your perceptions and feel the flow of the universe to get in relationship with movement. Stick with the idea of motion and begin to appreciate the confusion as on the outside it may appear a mass of contradiction, though truly it’s only a series of entanglements waiting to educate and stimulate a deeper sense of knowing.

So whether the story that is unfolding today is clear and understandable or a confusion waiting to unroll, enjoy the flow of the step by step process that unwinds to bring the greater gifts to light.

Finding that the clarity is at one end of the road and the confusion at the other is about movement and the journey is about what brings us to realize that peace is everywhere.

“There is no way to peace, only peace”
Mahatma Gandhi

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