Peace Awareness

The Peace Awareness Labyrinth of Los Angeles

While we move through the month and focus on the inner knowing and wisdom of peace, we walk with slow and silent meditative steps. Sometimes purposeful on the intent of discovering the presence of peace within the universe we do not want to disturb it with the extra noise that our unconscious being might make at any given turn.

With awareness we discover that peace isn’t about being quite, and with a bit of joy we might fling our arms and whoop it up in excitement of this understanding. What then is the peace we ask?

Is it the having or is it found in the not having? Is it something we have to make a process to find or is is found in the simple epiphanies? Awareness or the idea of being awake and present to a thought, idea or a feeling is the first step. It takes a good idea and then makes the action necessary for the discovery and enlightenment.

With awareness we can be more direct about what peace is and what it isn’t. Where there is resistance, peace can usually be found on the other side of it. Though there is peace within the resistance too. It is everywhere just waiting to be discovered.

“The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.”
Mahatma Gandhi

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