The Annual Gathering Begins

Tis Thursday at Tigh Na Mara Resort on Vancouver Island and the members of the Labyrinth Society have gathered. Some have come in earlier this week and are part of excursions and events that highlight the community and prepare members with opportunities that are related though outside the purview of the conference.

This year’s theme is Labyrinths for Global Healing, Landscapes for the soul. A Kick off reception and welcoming events took place in the late afternoon after registration, including our own 365 Club Reception for members. Mary ended up leading the way sharing thoughts and ideas and asking input from members for the upcoming year. After dinner the fabulous words and metaphors of Keynote speaker Carol Matthews enlightened and informed members of the ways in which the labyrinth works in healing and transformation.

Carol’s talk reminded us that sometimes there is a maze in our labyrinth and that the road is not always clear ahead when we have major upsets or disruptions of life, though there is a path to take. On it there may be no clear direction and times when it feels as if a maze has taken over the easy path of the labyrinth. Those are the times when the great growth can occur if we do not dismiss the path we are on as unrelated or insignificant simply because we don’t choose to accept it. When we do however, we find our courage and strength and sometimes steps toward that next direction and lots of opportunities to reconsider our relationships of faith and trust.

Carol Matthews, by the way was awarded the Queen Elizabeth 11 Diamond Jubilee Medal and the Order of the B.C., which is the Province’s highest honor, recognizing Carol’s dedication and commitment to her local community. The list that speaks of Carol’s accomplishments and achievements is long, and it was an honor to hear her very compelling experience of the labyrinth.

Following the impactful speech, members found their way down to the beach where the full moon lit the way for storytelling, labyrinth walking and conversations by cello.

Wish you were here!

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