Peace in Education

The Peace Labyrinth at St. John’s Prep, a school for young men in Danvers, MA

There are a number of labyrinths noted as “Peace Labyrinths” now within the educational setting. Perhaps it allows for the conflicts to become the lessons or finds its way to be utilized as a tool for reflection and then again it just might be the meditative or spiritual path that opens the door to insight, creativity or balance.

At St. John’s Prep in Massachusettes, this unique design mostly highlights the idea of peace, meditation and spiritual growth. . The mosaic steppingstones that guide your way are based on religious and spiritual symbols from around the world and throughout the ages. At the center of the path is a dove representing the peace we search to find in ourselves and in our world. Experienced together, these symbols reflect the spirit of inclusion, understanding and diversity that are the ethos of the school.

We can talk about peace, though when we put the idea out there to not only be witnessed, but experienced uniquely and collectively, then we are the bearers of peace. For today, allow the walk to bear the fruit of what you put out there.

“Peace and friendship with all mankind is our wisest policy, and I wish we may be permitted to pursue it.”
Thomas Jefferson

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