Peace in the Garden

Kincardine Labyrinth Peace Garden

The Kincardine Labyrinth Peace Garden in Ontario, Canada

Memorial Gardens, Relaxation centers and quite little grotto’s tucked away from the madding crowds are all places that might feature a labyrinth. The settings are designed with peace in mind and the labyrinth is such a unique tool to rediscover the peace in every day.

From the hurried and often stressful places of hospitals and medical institutions to the harmonizing of the word in a religious setting, gardens are a place to plant ideas. A garden is where you can nurture the soil and stimulate growth. It is a place to tend and to add your tender care and love to produce self care along with the budding blossoms and foliage displays.

The Kincardine Peace Labyrinth is set in Geddes Environmental Park and its chalice design allows the walking path to be strewn with flora and statues with the message to walk in peace. It’s message of what is natural is in step with the environmental theme and the Peace Vigils and workshops continue the education and environmental compliments for more to come to know the wisdom of the labyrinth as natural and grounding for the Earth.

This is an example of enhancing and using natural settings to continue to teach us how to be better humans and live within harmony with the Earth and each other. Planting our own seeds as we walk daily, no matter the consistency or construction of our labyrinth, can yield us much by the end of the walk and replicated when concentrated and cared for over the month and years too.

Some of us use canvas or finger designs where the act of symbolically planting an idea, noting in a journal or creating a routine to cultivate might be a helpful way to develop your own internal garden. In this there is much creativity where we are not limited by instruments or spacial concepts and designing a garden of the mind or soul can take on infinite possibilities.

In freedom there is the infinite… rejoice in the peace that brings freedom.

“For peace is not mere absence of war, but it is a virtue that springs from the force of character.”
Baruch Spinoza”

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