Peace at Last

Abode of Peace Labyrinth

The Abode of Peace Labyrinth in Georgetown, CA

It is the last day of our focus on Peace for the month of September. We close the month considering the many thoughts, the many actions and the many results we may have considered and created in the month. It feels good to have at month’s end, a look back to realize what is possible when we use intention or have focus.

It gives peace of mind to know that what we start out with can have achievement when we take action to make it so. It is like the daily walk, having one foot in front of the other begins the process. Continuation allows us a bit more investment and expansion and soon we are strolling along with all kinds of extra benefits we didn’t think possible.

We all know the struggle of non accomplishment that is often rifled with the emotions of guilt and a host of various excuses as to why we may not have accomplished something we very much said we wanted. There is usually something else at work that derails us and to know peace is to go beyond the struggle and the resistance into the place that simply honors what is true. It allows us to get above our story and redesign with simplicity and honesty that which suits us.

All month may have been a bit of the resistance in one small way or another, though each is a lesson of learning and like anything we practice, we play the best game in the end. So do consider from the month of learning and discovery just what it is that was successful.

What ways can we evaluate our production of peace? Count the blessings, the wins and all the things we may be grateful for and those are the small moments of peace. We may be surprised to find how many there are when we stop worry about what we didn’t do.

Peace is ever present and ready for our use, though to use it on another or for an experience, simply become the very aspect of it ourselves and we will have the best education ever.

Harmonize, blend, balance and surrender… peace be with all.

“Every day we do things, we are things that have to do with peace. If we are aware of our life…, our way of looking at things, we will know how to make peace right in the moment, we are alive.”
Thich Nhat Hahn

Enjoy the music and video of the building of the Abode of Peace Labyrinth for the Yoga Retreat Center by David Blonski.

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