Welcome October… Return

Grace Cathedral Labyrinth

Grace Cathedral in Reflection
San Francisco, CA

Return is the focus for the month of October. We begin a new month crisp in mid autumn, the month reminds us of the seasons of change as the trees turn color and begin to lose their dressings of the year. It is a return in feeling as the weather changes to a cooler atmosphere in the Northern Hemisphere.

It is a return as we are reminded of now settling into the school year of our youth. The newness of September has faded and we are reminded of a return to the habits of the indoors as the cooler weather approaches. We begin a new yet are once more reminded to return to our habits with a fresh new appeal to perhaps do them differently and with more purpose. It isn’t the time to feel the fresh clean slate, rather the time that reflect upon what we have done with it and how we might want to return to it with significance.

Whatever you may have begun in this year, now is the time to fall back on those last reflections and make the final changes before the year comes to a close. Use the season well and return to what is important so that what comes is basic and true.

Consider in this month a great many feelings of return as a reflection with action and like the steps we take each day inward and centering, allow this final return to leave those foosteps coming off the labyrinth with greater purpose and enjoyable zeal.

“Sometimes you have to face your past not to continue what you left off, but to simply make you realize how happy and satisfied you are in the present.”
Author Unknown

Image of Grace Cathedral Labyrinth by the San Francisco Gate

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