Familiar Feelings

A knitted labyrinth at Saffron Walden’s Maze Festival in England. Image from Kimberly Lowell Saward’s Blog, Ariadne’s Thread

Today is the anniversary of the Andy Griffith Show which began back in 1960 and Father Knows Best aired it’s first show on this day in 1954. It’s also the birthday of James Herriot, author of All Creatures Great and Small and All Things Bright and Beautiful.

These are remembrances that have feelings that can return us to a time long ago when we recognized the slow and easy pace of things, Where family mattered and we held a certain satisfaction in knowing that some things stayed the same and didn’t hurry us through out life without a care in the living of it.

In a month that asks us to return, it is of these things that we can choose to reflect upon or in the manner of how it feels as we return our steps, reflecting upon our time on a particular journey. Close your eyes in the center, breathe in and grant yourself a moment to feel what times of comfort or better still, satisfaction felt like.

Then make your return and note the opportunity to enjoy feeling, rather than thinking a memory.

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