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The idea behind forgiveness is to give as we have before we encountered a scenario that made us either become the object of dissatisfaction with ourselves or another. In this month of Return, the concept of forgiveness is but one way to return.

As there has been little posting in this month so far, a forgiveness is sought for the readers who look forward to hearing news and reflecting on the daily path. To return to the path of more regular communication, the simplicity is to pick up the proverbial pen and write. Though with multitudinous changes occurring simultaneously indulgence is also sought. It is a time to return to what is basic and what is true and from that will return a more regular even keel in which to enjoy the musings that come from the path daily.

So as the journey of change is underway, the many occurrences and synchronous events that are happening on a personal level from this writer’s perspective, it is most likely occurring on the path of others like yourself as well. The events are becoming interesting and a great message when it all seems to feel as if an overwhelming surge, is to return again to what is true and right.

Zion Congregational Labyrinth, MN

Zion Lutheran Church in Minnesota

Zion Congregation labyrinth in Minnesota” class /> Zion Lutheran Church Labyrinth, MN[/caption]Such is the nature of change to teach us many things, as adversity builds are character and countenance, we evolve. As we move forward in this evolution we also can realize that it comes full circle like our walk on this unicursal path, we return to where we began only richer for have taken the road.

There is a book called the Forgiveness Labyrinth and a quote that resonates is “The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering… is to forgive.” David Greene

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