New Beginnings

May the walk of 2014 unfold in meaningful and purposeful ways no matter what path chosen.

This year we celebrate the coming 365 days as a part of a whole in collaborative membership of the 365 club. Together it is a new beginning and a way to wake to that new beginning each day. The Roman god Janus is known for new beginnings and was known as the gatekeeper of doorways in ancient lore. Each time we walk through a doorway we are on the threshold of a new beginning. Stepping through in a conscious way gives us choice and opportunity.

As the walk unfolds along with our ritualistic celebration of a new calendar year, it feels fresh and inviting like new fallen snow, to imprint ourselves and leave our mark in the world anew. Without our dreams and ideas we would just live in mundane existence, though when we take the smallest step forward into them we leave our footprint significantly behind as if to say we mattered and we took charge of our significance, adding it to the largeness of the world in contribution.

We look forward to sharing 365 stories in 2014 and to have them highlighted in our blog. This is just one walk’s reflection with 364 to go. What will your year unfold? How will your footsteps matter? Share so that others can benefit by your insight, you may be surprised to find how many others resonate with you.

This morning’s walk was the pure honesty of breaking the snow and leaving a mark behind. Others may step into the footsteps and deepen the tread afterward inviting still more to be curious and explore the design made with feet shuffling the snow. Then again it may sit as a solitary reminder created by one who took a step in a direction without really knowing the path ahead, just a structure and a method of putting one foot in front of the other and starting somewhere.

The difference is simply when putting the heart into an idea and following it, what emerges is often so much more than we alone could imagine.

“The heart of a matter is a matter of heart and love is all there is.. step into it.”

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One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. Dear Lynda…journey well and be one with who you all ways I hold your journey in my heart and love to you…be sure to keep us posted… Journey well, Virginia LoneSky, Peaceful Endeavours

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