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This mornings walk through the mind and soul brought a realization of how much value we put into what we do. Personally I had an experience over the past year along with others and the difference in the outcome was in the engagement and commitment utilized by all parties.

I found a value I resonated with strongly and followed. It wasn’t that I needed to dive in, just to stay connected and curious enough to allow it to grow. The more I did, the more curious and creative I became in understanding the deeper nuances involved and the more I received in benefit when I did.
It isn’t surprising to hear the words echoing this morning…
“you get out of it what you put into it”.

I loved the experience because it gently allowed me to find my pace and play with it to understand and trust it better and in all I felt safe. I realize this is the same feeling with the labyrinth. Gently walking at our own pace it unfolds as we allow it and when we get curious, creative and even play with it in experimentation, it yields information and awareness.

Like a child’s fearless curiosity when they feel the world is a safe place, explore, experiment and play with your year is my very interesting message. Don’t be in a hurry, let it unfold and if you like, let it know what you want.

As we unfold this blog for the second year, I hope that you will play with your stories and share one like this as we will all grow from it when you do. As a club, engage and get the most out of it and you will be ….dare I say it… aMAZEd!

364 more stories to go… will yours be one of our collection this year?

email us with your stories and images 365club@labyrinthsociety.org

“This circle is an interesting thing indeed… what you put in at the beginning shows up at the end and it is a new beginning all over again. The labyrinth just adds the twists and turns so we can get through the complication and confusion we seem to need to understand what is simple.”

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