Comfort in the Walk

Finger walking indoors with comfort candle

Comfort in the Interior

The value of finger walking can not be undervalued. In Chicago we are beset with another round of snow falling and temperature dips. It is a great time to be outdoors and creative with labyrinths for some, though for myself, today felt like the indoors called for enjoying the season with comfort.

A set of 12 candles given for Christmas, each labeled with a word seemed to add conviction to the idea of staying indoors as the selected candle had ‘comfort’ written on it. Setting the flame and adding some music, the finger walk indoors to the interior was indeed a comfort as the world on the outer also seemed to understand the intention and relaxed to allow what would unfold in the walk ahead. It seems the walk was destined to explore what comfort is.

Outside the walk lay the room and the immediate settings, safe and sound in the cozy knowing of what brewed just outside the window. Outdoors there was a blanket of snow thick and covering as more fell on top. The buzzing of snow blowers in action and the witnessing from the window of the bundled individuals clenched and bracing against the cold as they walked on with purpose. Perhaps their steps would bring them to comfort or maybe there was a satisfaction in just being out.

Beyond this small block was the actions of the city creating a comfort in making passage available and plenty of individuals grateful for it. Farther still, there is a nation in action and a world in season, moving and breathing with pulse and purpose, all in a day’s opportunity. Some are creating the comfort and some are receiving it and perhaps there is a gentle balance in this as we all tend to be one or the other at times, this is just a larger scale of where comfort exists.

Throughout all that is going on simultaneously in this day, inside the walk of the labyrinth, there is just a quiet comfort and a knowing that what comes of it all as it may not be seen to be easy, though with a focus on comfort, it just might be appreciated with ease and that can make all the difference in perceiving any situation.

Such is the wonder of the labyrinth, where a little walk with perspective really can create greater realms of understanding.

Let your fingers do the walking and allow your mind to simply follow the path to build your own sense of comfort or perhaps your comfort is in giving it? Whatever the day holds for you, may we all be comforted by this day!

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