A Cup of Labyrinth in your Morning

The apple meditation of mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh was relevant today in the steps taken on the labyrinth this morning.

He reflects upon the presence of ourselves in every moment and uses the eating of an apple to remind us of how to savor more of ourselves in the moment. The simple awareness of the senses that we become aware of again in our approach and consumption of the apple, as well as the mindfulness of how and what we absorb as we do is beautifully written in a way that Thich Nhat Hanh is revered for.

labyrinth brewed coffee

A sip and a step at a time

This morning as no apple was present, it received a cup of coffee instead. Morning coffee is so very much a presence in the world as a routine in our day and one cup of coffee savored in a matter of a few minutes might be all it takes to shift perspective and open to align what is desired with what is present. Stepping out of routine with a daily routine can be wonderfully insightful, so adding the metaphor and the mindfulness with the labyrinth as a daily consumption, how could this not be a moment to discover?

Before the first sip or step into the labyrinth there is an intake of aroma, temperature and the idea of anticipation that occurs; all would be akin to salivating the first encounter. Observing the effect and embracing it as it is would be the art of acceptance of the moment and it is interesting to note how soft the skin feels in connection with the first step onto the labyrinth as the warmth of the coffee comforts the interior of the mouth. In breathing into the next step, it is similar to the moment of holding the coffee in the cavity of the mouth a moment before swallowing slowly, exhaling the flavor that rests upon the tongue before moving into the next sip or step.

All slows as the minuscule actions are recorded and reflected upon. Each step as each sip becomes noted in it’s individual contribution to the whole of the experience and we arrive at the center of it all in this very engaged manner. The reflection of our walk isn’t done on the exit, rather it is done throughout the experience in each step as is the release and the reception.

We become one with the whole and in a matter of minutes, we return from the beautiful surreal journey to our everyday, perhaps a bit more appreciative or more purposeful for the day ahead.

With gratitude to Thich Nhat Hanh for his loving mission of presence in the world. From his book, Peace is in Every Step, rests a favorite quote of many…

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”

Perhaps the morning’s Coffee might offer, sip as if your lips are kissing the one you love most dear, be as if you are the one most dear and with practice in our daily steps, may we all become more of who we are meant to be…joyfully, peacefully and lovingly.

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