January’s Meditations

A small gift for you in today’s walk.

Am I reframed

Love Everything

The Labyrinth tends to question as well as answer, powered by our input and association. Given that January is the fresh new face of the year, it is a time when many think of it as a time to begin again. Asking questions is a good way to put some reality into desire and make the effort worthwhile with better results as it creates an awareness that makes us more present to what we wish to do.

One simple way to use the labyrinth is to ask the questions of anything you desire to know more truth in and using each circuit to move from the surface level question to the more indepth and gut level questions we want to ask. The labyrinth becomes a gentle way to allow us the time and the pace to move closer to that truth with each circuit as we come into the center or the hear of the matter.

In your walk today, ask the questions of your mind and begin each question with the words  “Am I…”. Follow each circuit with your question and when you are ready to move inward to a new circuit, ask another question that begins with “Am I…” and continue your way in this manner to the center.   As you move inward feel more intensity in what you question.

Breathe into those questions and when you do arrive in the center note how you feel having asked honestly. Know that the center of all holds your truth and that you can now reframe those questions as answers by simply stating the question again though now using the powerful “I AM….” at the beginning and following with your new sentence and statement.

Allow yourself patience with this process and be observant with noting how your questions become your answers and puts you on a path of peace and possibility.  Notice how it teaches us to become our questions and go within to find that the answers are already there.

The truth is always open to us when we ask to see it and sometimes we have to play with our mind a bit to allow ourselves to see it.


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