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A Vision of Labyrinths

VisionBoardLabyrinthVision boards can be a wonderful exercise with the labyrinth. For many who make them there is a little bit of excitement at what is possible as hopes and dreams are set out in a visual way in front of us. The creation of the board is probably the best interactivity time it receives as when it is done, the idea is to put it in a visual place to bring back that focus of intention and memory. One idea is that the more you focus on and believe in what you do see, the more you become the experience.

Consider a way to walk with the experience of it with the labyrinth. Of course you can hold onto it as you might a photo of a loved one or a scripture and add to its significance with your thoughts and touch keeping it close. It can bring comfort to the grieving and joy to possibility with the attitude and heart that is put into it.

Here’s an idea to really connect you more often with the experience. Create a labyrinth design and impose it on top of your board so that you can finger walk your visions. In this way you can have a daily focus and connection with your hopes, dreams, beliefs and inspirations.  Labyrinth walks help us when we can’t quite put our finger on an idea, so use this one to really let your fingers do the walking and be connected more uniquely to your vision.

What are some of the creative ways in which you are really putting the application into unique use?

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A Window of Opportunity

WindowLabyrinthSometimes the busy of our day calls us to task early. Even those steadfast in their routines have to shift and adopt flexibility in the moment of a greater need. It happens and we answer the call because we are human and in our hearts we really strive to be the best of ourselves. We can learn to live with intention and not in routine.

My walk is based on the moment that feels right and knowing that sometime in the day my commitment will be fulfilled as it is one I do from my soul for my heart. Whether it is a simple affirmation or reminder, it is one opportunity of presence and purpose and always an interesting experience to behold. Having the curiosity of a child is helpful no matter the age.

This morning called me into one of the change of routines and beyond what I think I would like to do, there is something that is waiting to answer the call of what I have believed and the steps to allow me to see it. While I know I will fit in a daily walk, learning that it will find its right time and purpose sometimes shifts perspective and alters trust… and then the moment occurs and I am left laughing with the universe that is so often truly hysterical.

In all the busy of all the day I sat at my computer at my desk near the window and suddenly found myself looking out that window at the world outside my confinement. There was the labyrinth…in my backyard… waiting.  So I took my finger and walked it. I am reminded how funny we are with all our busy between the necessary and  important things and am in happy remembrance that we are such creators and it really is all at our fingertips.

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Exploring Creation

LT_LabyrinthYardMost of my posts are about introspective learnings, yearnings and turnings. It is the life of one curious to know. Today is brought to you by creativity. There is always a creative approach one can take to feed the insatiably curious in the ways of walking, though in developing and evolving the form and structure of the labyrinth it might also take on the aspect of adventure or exploration. 

I have been commissioned to create a special labyrinth and instead of the typical canvas that lends itself to portability, what called out was a bit of creativity. Considering the material of the parachute might work best for this group as it is light weight and easily less work to transport. The idea of fabric ropes and chain links also seemed an opportunity, though one would have to know the pattern to reproduce it and then there is the question of time. A variety of materials and and assortment of ideas later, I had to look no further than my back yard. 

TrampolineLabyrinthIn it was the very thing, ready for play and inviting feet to apply themselves was a now unused trampoline. The kids have moved on and it awaited new purpose as it was still quite functional after all the wear and tear it got out of hundreds of kids who called it home during the summer months for years.  How perfect for this fun loving group that are looking for something playful and decidedly different in joyful steps! Painting a design on the body of the trampoline just made perfect sense. And if it could be stretched and lifted it also could leave a shadow imprint of a labyrinth upon the ground. What a versatile and enjoyable opportunity! 

While the tarp became an opportunity, the other pieces of the trampoline will probably go along with it, who couldn’t use a little more bounce in their walk?

A sense of inspired creation delighted with a traversing walk around my space to discover that like in the labyrinth, one does not have to go far to discover the answer is right in their own back yard:)


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The Way of the Walk

Image captured from Pinterest by Denise Rhea Day

Just one step in front of the other, it is our daily process for most to get from here to there. We hardly realize the value of our step and the ease of our migration to our destination. We don’t always know where we are going, yet somehow we arrive blessed by the first step followed by the next. Wherever we arrive, it seems only a short visit as we are off again on to a new destination, even if it is only footsteps from one room in our home to another. The value of the step is sometimes unappreciated. 

Where we do find an appreciation for the very movement we create, is in the labyrinth. It heralds our coming, it welcomes our stride and when we get comfortable it embraces our glide. As we delve more deeply into the inner circles we can become aware of what else has joined us beneath our feet and what awakens the senses for a more stimulating discovery. The labyrinth can wake us up, remind us and bring us home again. It can take us in and let us go and many who walk the labyrinth find a safety and comfort in the constraints of the circle as they only hold an idea and loosely shape our path.

How we walk is always up to us, what we take away is always our opportunity and today may we be all blessed with choice and possibilities deliciously. Carry on swell! 

This beautiful image intrigued and its sculpture called for the senses. If any know its whereabouts, please share in reply or send email with thanks!   

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