The Way of the Walk

Image captured from Pinterest by Denise Rhea Day

Just one step in front of the other, it is our daily process for most to get from here to there. We hardly realize the value of our step and the ease of our migration to our destination. We don’t always know where we are going, yet somehow we arrive blessed by the first step followed by the next. Wherever we arrive, it seems only a short visit as we are off again on to a new destination, even if it is only footsteps from one room in our home to another. The value of the step is sometimes unappreciated. 

Where we do find an appreciation for the very movement we create, is in the labyrinth. It heralds our coming, it welcomes our stride and when we get comfortable it embraces our glide. As we delve more deeply into the inner circles we can become aware of what else has joined us beneath our feet and what awakens the senses for a more stimulating discovery. The labyrinth can wake us up, remind us and bring us home again. It can take us in and let us go and many who walk the labyrinth find a safety and comfort in the constraints of the circle as they only hold an idea and loosely shape our path.

How we walk is always up to us, what we take away is always our opportunity and today may we be all blessed with choice and possibilities deliciously. Carry on swell! 

This beautiful image intrigued and its sculpture called for the senses. If any know its whereabouts, please share in reply or send email with thanks!   

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One thought on “The Way of the Walk

  1. what a beautiful labyrinth!

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