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LT_LabyrinthYardMost of my posts are about introspective learnings, yearnings and turnings. It is the life of one curious to know. Today is brought to you by creativity. There is always a creative approach one can take to feed the insatiably curious in the ways of walking, though in developing and evolving the form and structure of the labyrinth it might also take on the aspect of adventure or exploration. 

I have been commissioned to create a special labyrinth and instead of the typical canvas that lends itself to portability, what called out was a bit of creativity. Considering the material of the parachute might work best for this group as it is light weight and easily less work to transport. The idea of fabric ropes and chain links also seemed an opportunity, though one would have to know the pattern to reproduce it and then there is the question of time. A variety of materials and and assortment of ideas later, I had to look no further than my back yard. 

TrampolineLabyrinthIn it was the very thing, ready for play and inviting feet to apply themselves was a now unused trampoline. The kids have moved on and it awaited new purpose as it was still quite functional after all the wear and tear it got out of hundreds of kids who called it home during the summer months for years.  How perfect for this fun loving group that are looking for something playful and decidedly different in joyful steps! Painting a design on the body of the trampoline just made perfect sense. And if it could be stretched and lifted it also could leave a shadow imprint of a labyrinth upon the ground. What a versatile and enjoyable opportunity! 

While the tarp became an opportunity, the other pieces of the trampoline will probably go along with it, who couldn’t use a little more bounce in their walk?

A sense of inspired creation delighted with a traversing walk around my space to discover that like in the labyrinth, one does not have to go far to discover the answer is right in their own back yard:)


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2 thoughts on “Exploring Creation

  1. I want to jump on this trampoline so badly!!! 🙂

    • tls365club

      In all hilarity, a group on this attempting to walk would only bounce into each other uncontrollably and what an adventure we would have with laughter!

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