A Window of Opportunity

WindowLabyrinthSometimes the busy of our day calls us to task early. Even those steadfast in their routines have to shift and adopt flexibility in the moment of a greater need. It happens and we answer the call because we are human and in our hearts we really strive to be the best of ourselves. We can learn to live with intention and not in routine.

My walk is based on the moment that feels right and knowing that sometime in the day my commitment will be fulfilled as it is one I do from my soul for my heart. Whether it is a simple affirmation or reminder, it is one opportunity of presence and purpose and always an interesting experience to behold. Having the curiosity of a child is helpful no matter the age.

This morning called me into one of the change of routines and beyond what I think I would like to do, there is something that is waiting to answer the call of what I have believed and the steps to allow me to see it. While I know I will fit in a daily walk, learning that it will find its right time and purpose sometimes shifts perspective and alters trust… and then the moment occurs and I am left laughing with the universe that is so often truly hysterical.

In all the busy of all the day I sat at my computer at my desk near the window and suddenly found myself looking out that window at the world outside my confinement. There was the labyrinth…in my backyard… waiting.  So I took my finger and walked it. I am reminded how funny we are with all our busy between the necessary and  important things and am in happy remembrance that we are such creators and it really is all at our fingertips.

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