A Vision of Labyrinths

VisionBoardLabyrinthVision boards can be a wonderful exercise with the labyrinth. For many who make them there is a little bit of excitement at what is possible as hopes and dreams are set out in a visual way in front of us. The creation of the board is probably the best interactivity time it receives as when it is done, the idea is to put it in a visual place to bring back that focus of intention and memory. One idea is that the more you focus on and believe in what you do see, the more you become the experience.

Consider a way to walk with the experience of it with the labyrinth. Of course you can hold onto it as you might a photo of a loved one or a scripture and add to its significance with your thoughts and touch keeping it close. It can bring comfort to the grieving and joy to possibility with the attitude and heart that is put into it.

Here’s an idea to really connect you more often with the experience. Create a labyrinth design and impose it on top of your board so that you can finger walk your visions. In this way you can have a daily focus and connection with your hopes, dreams, beliefs and inspirations. ¬†Labyrinth walks help us when we can’t quite put our finger on an idea, so use this one to really let your fingers do the walking and be connected more uniquely to your vision.

What are some of the creative ways in which you are really putting the application into unique use?

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