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Day Twelve… a Trio of Possibility

12DaysOfLabyrinthsPlay along in December, any 12 days or just make it last all month. Today’s post moves beyond the simple preparations into the action of the game itself. Read The Game and How to Play in the link below to follow along. Then send along comments of your experience. 
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On the twelfth day of Labyrinths… and the first day of Christmas, there seems a noble twist with very little left on my list. Only the concept of travel, a curious new labyrinth and the importance of an ex comes together on this last of the game of 12 days.

It was indeed quite a task to come to an ending for this last day. Perhaps I just didn’t want it to close and maybe in between the eve and the after walks of Christmas, there was a richness of thought and feeling. In a short couple of weeks I journey back home, so there is much that comes to mind and heart and the closer to closure, the more uncertain certainty becomes.

IMG_4700I had planned to walk the labyrinth located out at a nursery on the outskirts of town, though found with the holidays that their schedule of availability diminished and wasn’t at all sure if they would be open based on a few mixed messages. I had thought to end the year and the game with the idea of growing and a garden center seemed the ideal place to plant some seeds and nurture ideas. The unsettled feeling of their hours of availability had me seeking alternatives to this idea.

IMG_4669As I asked the question of what labyrinth, my eyes landed on a foam core board and the vision labyrinth of one of the workshop participants from the week before. We had the opportunity to meet days after the visioning workshop, and one young man who had been impressed came up to me with a gift of  an internationalized word labyrinth. A simple three circuit design where he cut out words from magazines and pasted them as the borders.

IMG_4701He wanted me to have it and was going to make another because he was so inspired. I hadn’t realized how metaphoric it was until I sat down and moved my fingers around on it. I stopped every so often and my fingers pointed to a word or landed on an expression that spoke volumes. I began to realize how many things came together to form an idea and marveled at how it all related.

The only problem was that this labyrinth was only three circuit and was short and my thoughts wanted to travel. While I enjoyed this experience I began to realize that maybe some automatic writing might help and so I opted to utilize an idea I developed for retreats. I drew out a classical design and put my pen down at the beginning and began to write moving inward spiraling and turning my hand until I reached the center where the writing gave way to realization and instead of the reflection of 2014, I was projecting ideas for 2015.

IMG_4703The reflective return writing led me to consider the travel I had in two month increments throughout the year, the places and purposes of the experiences and the metaphors of it all. This gave me enough time to consider the three elements of this walk and whether to use the first design or use the writing labyrinth design.

FullSizeRender-3 As the idea of travel was still present I ended up using a third labyrinth where the words became the path full of the intentions for projects, places and connections of 2015. So much was coming up that I wanted to find a way to record it memorably and in this way I could move my intentions forward with a simple regular finger walk, just like the vision board idea earlier. All found its way onto a page that happily created a great way to take all the thoughts that were filling my mind and transcribe them to a visual expression.

FullSizeRender-4What I realized was that I moved on three labyrinths today with the idea of travel, had opportunity for creative design and used the strengths and positive influence of my ex husband. We parted with graceful understanding so it is natural that he would have been a part of my year, even though we saw each other less in this year than in any year previous.

When I felt many messages with three labyrinths, I knew he would put his head down and forge ahead one foot in front of the other to come to a natural ending point or conclusion. When I had much to say and used the writing labyrinth, I remembered that the labyrinth could be a good listener like he was and absorb the conversation, knowing I only required a sounding board. The final labyrinth illustrated a way to simply create a list that put a little fun in the functional way it could be used and while this was not at all like my ex, it did remind me of the personal choices I made and my mission in all more purposefully.

In many ways these 12 days have been playful and creative, a game like experience in seeking out and exploring to educate, and a great reflection of appreciation of the year past with a few glimpses into the year ahead.

My focus for today had been traveling, with creativity and innovation as my ability and my ex as a person of influence. What I realize from this trio of labyrinths is that I did some traveling on different paths that held different answers for different questions. I remembered and developed different paths creatively and used the strengths of someone of influence to me to bring perspective with purpose more fruitfully.

Just when I began to feel as if I had missed the bigger picture, it displayed itself in varied form using three labyrinths with three perspectives each unfolding to one purpose.

On this day of closure, I am satisfied with the experiences and know that each was a lesson of purpose just like this game was intended.

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Day Eleven… Divine Prosperity

12DaysOfLabyrinthsPlay along in December, any 12 days or just make it last all month. Today’s post moves beyond the simple preparations into the action of the game itself. Read The Game and How to Play in the link below to follow along. Then send along comments of your experience. 
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On the eleventh day of Labyrinths, we come to the eve of Christmas, always a beautiful time for a reflective walk.

IMG_4598On this day I took a trip north and realized amidst the majesty of the mountains and the open sky, the long strip of expressway road alongside the Peyote Indian Reservation area. A little farther up was the Correctional Institution and getting closer to my destination was the Air Force Base. In all it was about a 40 minute drive in search of a new labyrinth.

Getting there was a pattern of labyrinth I might call an ulterior motive of the builders, if it weren’t for the fact that they didn’t have command of the highway and off road system. The directions were as simple as I found them written, though because the destination was tucked away, I had to recall that I was to watch for a certain side exit, two billboards and a certain crop of trees.

IMG_4599Finding the exit I pulled off only to find it was simply a loop that put me back on the expressway, until I recognized I could drive across the expressway to a road on the other side. From there I headed onto the dirt trail feeling the adventure of an off roader stir. I followed the trail for a bit noting its interesting turns and elevations. I didn’t know how far in the labyrinth sat, though felt it was most likely located near the Temple that purposed its existence.

After the road narrowed and the trail appeared to have no end, I stopped and considered how I might turn around. It was one lane with a drop off on either side and all alone out in this deserted area, I decided that a slow measured process of moving back and forth might not be the ideal move of an off roader, though in my case it served well in revolving 180 degrees effectively.

IMG_4611Having found my way back out to the street, I found a short way down the road was another inlet. Fortunately it didn’t take long to navigate to my destination. I had arrived at Sekmeth’s Temple. This was a small structure without doors and a domed open ceiling that was used for meditations and understanding the feminine spirit. They called it the Goddess or the Mother and had iconic imagery adorned to celebrate all aspects of the divine feminine.IMG_4613

The Temple had four directional cutouts and each showcased the mountains and the desert areas as if designed for photographic artistry. As I stepped out of the Temple, I could see the Labyrinth off to the south located at the end of a curved trail.

The trail was outlined with area rocks that made a perfect outline for the path. Coming up to the labyrinth, I noted smaller rock of the same quality was used to create the design with a dark portion in the center to symbolize the Mother in movement.

IMG_4637I found it quite something to be walking this classical design surrounded by mountains on all sides, tumbleweed and desert plants circling the permitter and stretching across the expanse of the open plains while the sky opened in endless blue overhead. This indeed was divine property and a suitable pick to honor and celebrate the feminine spirit.

I knew before I began my walk that the significant people who showed up in my world would be the Women’s Circle that I had been a part of all year. The essence of this place would call to their hearts, and for me it called them to my heart and mind in this walk. In this year of transition, they were always there in spirit and love ready to tackle the important ideas are group represented each week. I cherish and honor each of the women and the greater purpose for the circle.

IMG_4630The concept of prosperity also came up, which is one of the points of our circle as well. This labyrinth was indeed prosperous in its very natural rich abundance of materials that made it up. When one looked at the area settings, they amplified the bounty of Mother Nature, indeed it was a good concept from my topic list of importance to consider.

IMG_4655As I walked along, I thought of the new direction I was taking and how it applied to prosperity. I began to think of as well of the things I was to gift my children with for the holidays. I am not one for the traditional gifts and this year I know with my many changes, the one thing I could give to my children was a Mom on the Move. I wanted to let them know I would be ok and that they might be inspired by some of the things I was undertaking. So as I walked I thought of how they had been my inspiration from a serious illness when they were young. I couldn’t die, I had children to live for. It propelled me and moved me with great purpose.

IMG_4659While these changes may not be the life threatening scenario of years past, they do call for inspiration and action. I realized that in the three areas I wanted to move, I might gift my children with the knowledge that they are my motivation and spirit for accomplishment. So for Christmas I wrote up a card for my son that named him my inspiration and dedication for the writing and projects I wanted to complete. I wrote one to my daughter sharing the same with the unity community building I was to do locally and across the nation. For my youngest daughter, I named her my spark for adventure and travel that I wanted to accomplish.

IMG_4648Each now had a reason to check in as my support and resource as they saw fit and so did I.  They also might realize that this encouraged me to be a better person and in turn they might become better  themselves inspired to know what can be done and how to appreciate and utilize support from others. In all it seemed to have more meaning than any gift I could purchase. Maybe next year they might just name me an inspiration for something they might want to accomplish.


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Day Ten… Passion for Purpose

12DaysOfLabyrinthsPlay along in December, any 12 days or just make it last all month. Today’s post moves beyond the simple preparations into the action of the game itself. Read The Game and How to Play in the link below to follow along. Then send along comments of your experience. 
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On the tenth day of Labyrinths… I moved with Passion, mindful of a developing new path and the art of allowing it to unfold with purpose, grace and humble prosperity. Labyrinths unfolded like a resplendent repository of riches from my travels as I brought out a selection of wooden finger labyrinths and two canvas labyrinths to host a workshop.

IMG_4582I had planned to be on the West Coast looking after and visiting my Mom while sharing a few opportunities. A car accident short circuited many of my plans and turned my intentions around to realize a reflective period to foster self care and realize value. For the past seven weeks I have managed to allow a natural course to chart itself and while it sometimes felt as if it needed my input, when I remembered to step back, I was rewarded with a better answer than I might have conceived otherwise.

IMG_4584The workshop today was a manifestation of an easy conversation that filled a need on many levels. I was delighted at the opportunity to be working again, although what I do is hard to consider work, I would call it being purposeful and contributing again. Though without regular purpose,  I began to feel fidgety so I found a circle nearby to practice Reiki energetics with and in discovering that they wanted to create a day of vision boards, I smiled as I recall a blog post where I shared my innovative idea for vision boarding and labyrinths.

The Director loved the idea and so I brought a 20 foot classical canvas design made for the Hope Fest of 911 at the ten year anniversary. It had become a type of “graffiti” labyrinth that served to live on in hope, harmony and happiness for the life beyond. I have used it for several unique workshops and session walks. The small canvas petite Chartres design accompanied this workshop as well.

IMG_4587Each individual had just come from the healing circle so they were full of the love that accompanies such a gathering and into the workshop they carried themselves ready to dive into their vision. Explaining the labyrinths was a relatively easy and flowing process with each point similarly stretching a point and coming around to suggest ideas and helpful aids that might allow each to move into their walk with mission in mind.

IMG_4592An idea I had shared earlier this year was to place a plastic board over a vision board and inscribe a labyrinth on the plastic. On the earlier one, I had cut through the plastic board to forge the path. That design was back in the Midwest so I purchased a clear shower liner and with heavy marker outlined the design of a labyrinth on several large 20″ squares. When the vision boards were complete, the light plastic was placed on top the vision board so that each could activate their vision.

IMG_4591I shared how to draw a simple seed pattern, so that each might draw out their own on plastic and use them regularly to stimulate their vision. It was a rich sharing and a purposeful day filled with the creative passion that drives my purpose.

On this day of being in the passion with the purpose I thought of the inspiration of a new friend I met this year. She came along at a time that really made a difference for both of us. I offered her a service she sought, shared with joy and passion that she aligned with and since that time we have held that similar interest and love.

IMG_4590It reminds me that when we are passionate, we find purpose and in knowing each of these,  we step into the love of feeling connected. When we are fortunate to meet and appreciate others with similar personas and paths, we understand more of purpose with passion and we are grateful.

This was such a day that took me by the hand, appreciated the gifts that materialized, felt the passion and knew the purpose.

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Day Nine… The Circle of Creativity

12DaysOfLabyrinthsPlay along in December, any 12 days or just make it last all month. Today’s post moves beyond the simple preparations into the action of the game itself. Read The Game and How to Play in the link below to follow along. Then send along comments of your experience. 
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IMG_4576On the ninth day of Labyrinths… The Baltic Wheel of Dancing Woman fame came to my fingers. I like the smooth clean loops of the design and when I walk it I always think there is a friend behind it knowing Lisa Gidlow Moriarty who designed it.

Today’s walk brought the idea of the importance of writing and projects that I develop. Many of them were surfacing today as a result of the calls that came through and somehow the walk on the labyrinth tied things together quite efficiently and effectively.

As I came into the choice of entrances, I slid my fingers round a few times and the projects that were spoken of today came to mind. It has become time to now write the book I had begun and wrote twice last year as well. There was more to take in and when I gave myself permission and time to do just that, more of the rhyme and reason began to make sense.

IMG_4575With all these projects, writing and ideas in my mind for the past few days, the walk seemed to form a structure and bring together similar threads. I had left the finger labyrinths out for use and found I left the Dancing Woman nestled on the couch comfortably waiting for me. Picking it up I thought of the creativity and allowing that brought the design alive. I knew I had picked right for the day as it is my creativity and insight that brought many of these things together.

LYIUContributorsNow as I enter some new phases finally at the end of the year, I see the importance of the long stitches of patience, very similar to the long stretches of the labyrinth walk. I also began to regard the many paths that brought me to the center and the many people around these projects and realized that today was filled with people I had met in India this year from International parts. All had come together under one purpose and each contributed their abilities and skills to different assignments toward that one purpose.

IMG_4578As I thought about that, I see that at year’s end how these significant people have come back together as we plan for a collaborative approach to travel and work together internationally. I cherish these people who represent a more global approach to my life as I step into these wonderful new directions that encompass the world outside my doorstep. We are the world indeed and I am that dancing lady, full of movement, purpose and passion.

With much gratitude to the Dancing Lady, International Friendships and the creativity that stems from an ever present curiosity. With creativity I develop projects and writings and in this walk was inspired by my global friends who I inspired. It is a mutual circle of love, connection and creativity.


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Day Eight… Mindful Compassion

12DaysOfLabyrinthsPlay along in December, any 12 days or just make it last all month. Today’s post moves beyond the simple preparations into the action of the game itself. Read The Game and How to Play in the link below to follow along. Then send along comments of your experience. 
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On the eighth day of Labyrinths… There was presence with compassion and I thought about my kids.

LabyFootPrintsThe day got away from me as it began with an awakened epiphany that tore me away from sleep with an even greater realization than a small situation called for. I might be using the labyrinth as I moved into my morning from bed to laptop to the kitchen for a morning meal back to the laptop for a conversation. Then into the kitchen again for some coffee and conversation with Mom then off to the office for a few phone calls and so on traversing the path of the everyday.

If I were to track my movements, they would have indeed produced a lively patterned labyrinth. photo 2-1As it was I used one of my favorites, a small black plastic double classical finger labyrinth. It was one of my first purchases and it reminded me of sharing a room with Virginia LoneSky years ago at a conference. I had wanted to meet her and then found we were room mates. We have been compassionate souls in friendship ever since and I bought this labyrinth from her.

This was a morning of mindful presence. The night before I had gone to sleep with an exercise to complete before retiring. That and a question that wouldn’t let go joined me in slumber. The answer in the mornings awakening shed a dynamic presence onto the whole day. It was as if I were woken up with an idea of what mattered from my list in this game and was directed to people who I wanted to partner with who had compassion and empathy. These were abilities that I could see in others as I noted them in myself.

heart_earthTo be mindful both can serve to open the mind with the heart and that I find is where presence is reminded of its purpose. In this place solutions meet the answers that were waiting for each other and opportunities find a way to engage with needs and wants. It is like the in and out walk of the labyrinth going in knowing and leaving in growing from the experience.

Who popped up today, my kids. I felt a need to connect as I will miss them for the holidays. My daughter couldn’t talk so texted and promised to speak later. My son was busy at work and sent me a bunch of funny pictures until he gets home from work. My other daughter did connect and we spoke for over an hour making up for the two that got away.

We decided to have our own Christmas celebration on Skype. Where we turn on the group and bake cookies, share dinner and get a few other family members to join us for a song and a toast. Knowing them they will have all kinds of antics in place and I can’t wait. In the end as we talked, in walked an idea where I needed a replacement for myself.

I was going to count on others I had trained when it dawned on me that here was the person who had helped me run a few of my trainings and accompanied me to a number of events. I was so excited to realize this because while it wasn’t her ideal job she could do it better than most and she would love to do something to help me and in turn all the parameters would most definitely help her out too.

As I walked the synchronicity of the day blended and I realized how  a compassionate presence brought forth so many gifts of connection, resource and support. What mattered showed up and my great skill in this day was to be able to notice it.

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Day Seven… Home is closer than you think

Play along in December, any 12 days or just make it last all month. Today’s post moves beyond the simple preparations into the action of the game itself. Read The Game and How to Play in the link below to follow along. Then send along comments of your experience. 
The Game and How to Play
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On the seventh day of Labyrinths… the messages and metaphors were walking close with me.

I wanted a simple experience to unlock something I was mulling around in my head, so I pulled out one of the 15 finger labyrinths I had brought with me on this trip out west. It was one of the two that used to hang on the wall in my home and at the time it didn’t seem all that significant.

FullSizeRender-2It was dark and late and I couldn’t sleep, so I just sat with the night, the feelings and soon picked up the labyrinth. I decided to take it  into the bed thinking I might fall asleep afterwards. I didn’t want lights so just put my finger in the first groove and began moving into the walk. My finger held the edge of the groove in a way that pressed intensely and the movement didn’t seem to glide as easily as it might otherwise.

Noticing but not really considering any significance in the moment, I was suddenly a bit confused, until I realized I had found the center. I sat in the dark realizing that I really had made the experience hard by concentrating on making it happen instead of the typical allowing flow. All year I had been quite intentional about the difference between what was pushing and what flowed naturally as a result I find myself in the space of flow more automatically.

Today had been a strange day where much had seemed out of balance, and not surprisingly something in my mind couldn’t quite sort itself out too. Just like what I was doing with this walk, pressing the point where I knew how much easier it was to simply stop and allow. Indeed it was a day to listen well.

2014-10-14 14.57.17I sat for awhile with half a laugh in my head just wondering what this message and the metaphor might be preparing me for. It’s often like that, confusing messages tweaked just enough so there isn’t a pattern I might recognize. What I do realize is that the bigger the confusion, the bigger the message that comes. Then suddenly as I pondered the bigger question, the answer to the smaller question of the day popped into my head. Very funny!

Listening for the greater message of the strangeness of the day, though it seemed to have a mind of its own, I put the labyrinth aside, knowing it would come when ready and opting for the sleep that finally called to occupy the meantime.


MusicalRaptureIn the morning I woke early, rested and feeling curious.  I meditated with the sheets a bit and then realized the labyrinth was still on the bed, so pulled it over. I thought I might add some music so pulled out the iPad and the idea to look up Patricia Coate Robles, Musical Rapter, a healing gift for humanity beckoned.


A knowing mindfulness was present instantly as something of importance to me and meditation was the product and the skill. My fingers danced to the vibration of the celestial sounds. They fairly skimmed along the grooves of the path and the easy glide and flow  was notably contrary to the evening’s experience.

KidsI began to think of my children back at home. I have traveled much this year and even though they are grown and live independently, this has been a transitional year for them as well. My mind brought attention to each and in the meditative walk, they had their independent paths, yet like the labyrinth in whole they were a collective.

The feeling of home and the many homes I have had this year as a result of all the travel. It seems I have stayed for two months in many places and in each there was an element of home. It is a question as I am currently unknown where I will make a more permanent home yet, it seems to early to make this decision as the feeling of travel still calls.

Day7The bigger question for me, is what do I call home? I seem to be taking it with me wherever I go. I pulled out a sheet of pictures my kids had made me for Mothers Day one year, they made copies just in case I might need to distribute them to others affectionately. I placed the pictures with the labyrinth and walked again, flowing with the music.

For now the simplicity of knowing what makes a home and what I put into it is enough. I carry it in my heart. The permanent structure isn’t necessary just now, as I find myself in the calling of releasing attachments for a more unique and significant purpose. It isn’t for everyone, though in this moment it is for me.

The labyrinth that I walked today was one of a set of two in my old home. While the home is gone, the partner to this labyrinth has been repurposed gracefully as is the partner that used to sit beside me. All in harmony and all gratefully appreciating the journey that has been, preparing in a new way for the journey that is and the one that will be.

Today’s message brought me closer to home than I have been in awhile, in touch with my kids introspectively and mindful of the practice that allows me to flow and grow with purpose. 

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Day Six… Play with your food, Play with your mood

12DaysOfLabyrinthsPlay along in December, any 12 days or just make it last all month. Today’s post moves beyond the simple preparations into the action of the game itself. Read The Game and How to Play in the link below to follow along. Then send along comments of your experience. 
The Game and How to Play
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On the sixth day of Labyrinths… It’s time to look at all the busy in our days and how we make it more busy and dizzy to create the Holid-DAZE!

FootprintTracesI thought about this idea as I watch Mom walk from office- to kitchen- to patio- to kitchen -to patio- to kitchen- to office and then finally stand in the center of the living room and throw her hands up in the air in exasperation and surrender.

She had meant to go into the kitchen, grab three things and go out to the patio. By the time she arrived in the kitchen she remembered one of the items and headed out to the patio and promptly forgot the other two. Then she got distracted and went into the office. It was a cycle of curiosity until she finally surrendered at making all the trips back and forth.

labyrinth_directionsHer back hurt so she was truly making a laudable effort every time she went back and forth. I wasn’t sure at first what she was doing, though could feel a growing sense of frustration. Until she surrendered there was nothing much to do as she had a beeline focus. When she finally did stop,  I smiled and told her she had been walking the path of the labyrinth and when she finally reached her point of surrender, she had reached the center.

From there she decided to sing out the items she was looking for from now on, though she began to realize how she did this a lot so this moment of centering frustration and surrender gave her a new outlook… and she didn’t even know she had been on the path of the unwinding labyrinth of solutions!

I realized that there are so many more ways that we do this whether walking back and forth or simply doing repetitive tasks in cycles with detours. Each is labyrinthic in its own way and perhaps we might become aware of what we do routinely and whether it has been an effective or efficient pattern and where it has not.

FoodPyramidLabyIn what matters today the idea of being routine and cyclical brought forth the idea of health and well being. Falling into patterns can be a blessing when it is intentional and purposeful toward our lives, the routine of fitness and food is one very integral consideration as it forms foundations for life.

Around the holiday time our routines can be somewhat disruptive and all are good intentions can be usurped by the call of a raspberry chocolate soufflé or just one more …small cookie. Generally these situations don’t break us, though they are reminders that soon the holidays and crazy ways will be over and our return to normal will be at hand.

All year I have been conscious of improved health and well being. So much of my direction this year is unknown and so I wanted to put my thumb on what did matter and something I could take charge of differently. As a result it has worked out well and between the fitness routine I began in February and the different methods of food preparation and considerations I have experienced, I have released much weight and wiggle on my way toward fitness and feeling good.

What I used… variety, intention, dedication, gentility, and simply believing my way to eating well and moving more. There is still a way to go, though I am happily a product of my own development… the same as how I got here in the first place. Now I just realize the value in accepting it more.

DrKandIThe person of influence toward my health and well being, Dr. Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga. He invited me to contribute to the university in India and that invitation put me back on track with a rededication to many important values in my life. It redirected and opened doors to my contributions elsewhere and the vegetarian style with a healthful cleanse I took on while in India put me on a path to release even more during my two month stay.

We had a heartfelt conversation one day where he looked me in the eye, acknowledged something significant, spoke a heartfelt truth and then advised me to take a simple action. It may have been simple, yet this one bit of honest advice and action has made all the difference in my year. I am humbly grateful!

FoodLabyThe labyrinth of the day? I thought I might play with my food and see what comes of it. This is just a small bit of what I have been eating this year to make a difference. I laugh over my food to add joy before it is consumed, I pray, and sometimes I play. It only took a few minutes and for those aspiring to create labyrinths, play with your food and see what delightful designs you might like to eat.

To our health, happiness and the people who matter! 

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Day Five… Uncomfortable yet honest

We are playing… The 12 Days of Labyrinths Game
12DaysOfLabyrinthsPlay along in December, any 12 days or just make it last all month. Today’s post moves beyond the simple preparations into the action of the game itself. Read The Game and How to Play in the link below to follow along. Then send along comments of your experience. 
The Game and How to Play
Preparations…12 Things that Matter
Preparations…12 Gifts, Talents or Abilities
Preparations…12 People of Influence
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On the fifth day of labyrinths my good friends gave to me a way to make it through emergencies!

IMG_4546I found myself on the St. Rose Hospital Labyrinth on the south side of town. I had first walked this many years ago when my sister was going through a tough time. I looked up the labyrinths in the area and couldn’t believe I found one a mile from her home.  She was a little resistant at first, though she and both her boys came along and together we walked.

I had a great observance of what was going on in their lives watching how they walked. It really fit the patterns of their life and while I might use this in coaching and workshops metaphorically, this was family and I just made an interesting observation that I kept to myself, happy to know it destressed her and amused the boys.

Today I am walking this same labyrinth tucked into a courtyard outside the Emergency Room. For those who might face emergencies or time in the hospital this can be a way of release for families and patients, though it is also a time of reflection and meditation for staff and workers who interface with drama regularly.

I asked my questions upon entering,  and as I had been writing during the morning I wasn’t surprised when an idea around writing came up, and the expected abilities that would support this as a matter of  importance. It didn’t seem very significant however, and so on I walked into the 12 circuits of the Chartres labyrinth design with curiosity in mind.

IMG_4545The labyrinth was situated between two buildings surrounded by a circular landscape of trees accessed by a pathway and a set of arches that connected the buildings. As I walked I looked at the things that came to mind wondering if any had significance to my thoughts or might offer as signs I might wish to pay attention to.

It dawned on me that I was looking for the expected and in that frame of mind I would get the expected and not the honest. Then it came, the person of significance in my life this year wouldn’t be someone I would celebrate, though they had made quite an impact that severely affected my life. Sometimes we think it is only the good we want to appreciate, though those that give us the hardest time can also lead to some of the greatest moments in learning.

It began to dawn on me as I reluctantly thought of this person. I hadn’t done that in a while and now for some reason my stomach clenched to even consider their presence, I hadn’t realized I had any feeling left. What had once been a  promise for the world had become a knife in my back driven by paranoid delusion and jealousy. Then I  noted the date and realized it was time to make a decision.

In the span of one week’s time I might celebrate my liberation, a year had passed. My dilemma, I wasn’t the first person this insidious attack and subsequent practice of immoral stalking, public impugning of character and threats had happened to, and probably wouldn’t be the last either.  What popped into my head was the question of whether to make a significant statement so this person might be finally exposed for the illegal manner in which they operated, in any scenario it is a classic no win situation and an example of the prisoners dilemma. The only way to achieve a better outcome is to stop playing the game.

I might wish to morally take a stand for myself and all concerned, and it might be the right thing to do, but who really wins in such an outcome and what further stalking might occur as a result? People of this kind feel they have their own kind of justice and no matter the law, they will die fighting it. It is an interesting anniversary to suddenly recall and an unnerving deadline to unexpectedly face.

IMG_4551For this blog and this playful game, this situation might be a bold statement to make. It has become our nature to often wish to look the other way at what is uncomfortable, and even though the reality of stalking is much worse for many in the world, until we can shine a light, it doesn’t go away… the path sadly never ends for some.

I am healthy, have many strengths and much courage. As I walked I noted that I had indeed moved with steps that authentically met the path as someone who knows how to smile when it rains, not as a cover but from a true sense of inner joy. I will celebrate this interesting anniversary as one of triumph because I did not quit and rose above the din of discouragement and negative assaults at a time where I had already lost, released and accepted the grave reality of a great many things.

I learned a multitude from this year of experience, sat in healthy respect appreciating the emotions that appeared and continued to find my way in spite of the obstacles. I realized some amazing resonance with a project I began nine years ago and how it had set the tone of my life. I opened to new opportunities and found myself overseas and in the company of now international friends. I took a moved into some new areas and stepped up to other leadership positions and am reinventing my life in ways that are even more purposeful and have deeper perspective with a greater passion. I would think I had indeed found better paths.

What began two years ago and ended a year later in surreal circumstances, has opened doors of possibility. One would think I had the world by the tail except for the fact that I have this one problem lurking behind. Letting it go was something I sat with, appreciated all the gifts of it and released it. Now the anniversary that calls reminds me that I can change the future with a statement, that we can live in a different world if we speak up for the injustices and we call to stand those who lurk in the shadows diminishing themselves as they cast disparagement upon others.

This walk was essentially the catalyst I needed to secure legal aid for an element of this problem, because in this day and age, we have to hire legal aid to protect ourselves from someone else’s misguided trauma. I now see how this can be addressed so that my personal and professional well being can move forward in a valued manner. Such is the insight of walking, listening to the heart and unwinding the mind.

IMG_4541For those you may know similarly situated, the insidious nature  of jealousy gone awry may seem to have no answers. I encourage group support, legal action where you can and speaking your truth.

They are cowards in hiding and the greater they seem to be, the more deluded they become when the fall from the height of their own ego. For me the Emergency sign that spans the arch over the entrance door served as an important warning for preventative care now. Perhaps this message serves to assist someone else as well. This is one of those insidious epidemic illnesses of the world that thrives on our inaction and silence.

This blog serves to support the members of the 365 Club of the Labyrinth Society and is not in any way a forum for promoting or securing advocacy of any type, this story is purely an honest outcome and a manifestation that can and has occurred in this one instance of walking a labyrinth. That it might relate to others similarly situated relates to the benefit of having this blog to promote, share and advance learning of the varietal ways in which the labyrinth can and is used. 

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Day Four… Walk with your Eyes

We are playing… The 12 Days of Labyrinths Game
12DaysOfLabyrinthsPlay along in December, any 12 days or just make it last all month. Today’s post moves beyond the simple preparations into the action of the game itself. Read The Game and How to Play in the link below to follow along. Then send along comments of your experience. 
The Game and How to Play
Preparations…12 Things that Matter
Preparations…12 Gifts, Talents or Abilities
Preparations…12 People of Influence
Day 1  l  Day 2 l Day 3

On the fourth day of labyrinths… Observance educates

The fun of this game is to find new paths to walk, and as you may have noted, a little bit of creativity goes a long way. There are endless ways to walk when you get outside the circle of what you see before you. Finding new labyrinths is all about discovering designs planted in the world, as part of the natural landscape, envisioned creativity, and innovative expressions.

photo 1-2Today’s game used my eyes.  It hadn’t occurred to me to consider this  method until I realized I was sitting back with a cup of tea just relaxing as I watched my mother using one of the finger labyrinths I had brought with. It was affirming and endearing to watch her get excited when I brought out my box of finger labyrinths. She asked about each one and I shared a little bit about the significance of the style and where I had secured them. Then she closed her eyes and took off.

photo 2-1I had forgotten that she had kept a double classical design that I had left her years ago and she found it as we were digging through boxes today. She thought my nephew had taken it home awhile ago, so was happy to have claimed it once again.

photo 5I sat back with my tea and merely watched as she put her fingers in place, closed her eyes and then silently moved her fingers intent upon her actions. Noting her careful manner and the searching fingers as she maneuvered the paths quietly, there was a sense of respect she had for what she was doing, as if she had experienced this conversation many times before. I asked if she knew that she didn’t have to close her eyes. She said she did and that this was just her way of listening to it.

That would be an accurate description. She had the eagerness of a child and the reserve of someone knowing. With each labyrinth I placed before her,  she closed her eyes and felt her way through. This was much like the dogged persistence she displayed when she was on task with a project, determined she would finish, though this had an air of peacefulness to it.

photo 4It made me wonder at my own persistence and I noticed how I closed my eyes to feel the experience too. Her careful manner on the labyrinth was a part of her makeup, aged and aware that all was not the same as it once had been. Her playful nature was evident as well as her enthusiasm and anticipation grew as I reached in the box to share another design, she played with several.

I thought of what was important as I watched her walk and became aware of communication. We both seemed in the same boat on many aspects, mirroring a true image for the other. We had been listening to each other and at times over speaking. It was clear we both needed to be heard. To listen with the heart of appreciation was my task, mirroring for my mother the listening she longed for as one now alone in the world.

photo 1-1What I began to notice however was that I also needed to speak up, to get louder as her loss of hearing had grown. In our family we can be loud as a group, though individually we are rather soft spoken. I turned on my speakers voice and when I did, it made all the difference in her ability to hear me. The aged aren’t always aware of their hearing difficulties and are sometimes reluctant to accept it. This small observation made a world of difference in our communication.

The person who popped up in mind today as I was moving through the experience was Jean. She had been a presence in my life this year at a most significant time. She did the one most important thing for me that mattered, she listened empathetically. I didn’t require assistance only someone to listen as I sorted things out loud. In that ability she both gave and earned respect in our relationship.

The power of observation can be enhanced when we let go of expectation and simply accept what we see when we do. As someone who guides self actualization, observation is key to developing meaningful conversation. I’ve often observed groups walking as a way to study behavioral modes and assisted individuals and families to build relationships by observing each other on the path. Today I was gifted with an observation that will engage and enhance the relationship between mother and daughter significantly.

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Day Three… Finding Unity in the Community

We are playing… The 12 Days of Labyrinths Game
12DaysOfLabyrinthsPlay along in December, any 12 days or just make it last all month. Today’s post moves beyond the simple preparations into the action of the game itself. Read The Game and How to Play in the link below to follow along. Then send along comments of your experience. 
The Game and How to Play
Preparations…12 Things that Matter
Preparations…12 Gifts, Talents or Abilities
Preparations…12 People of Influence
Day 1  l  Day 2 


CPark_SignOn the third day of labyrinths, Charlie Frias Park was the location for the walk of the day. This interesting park, situated near the Red Rock Mountain recreation area, really used the natural elements well and in some uniquely creative ways.

The Park had two levels. The rock formations that surrounded the length of a six block area also contained parking, tennis courts and play areas. The center was the main focus of the park and almost a natural amphitheater that sported a long triple length field at sub level for a variety of sporting events.


They called this a maze, though it had only one entrance path. At one point in the design, it gave a choice of direction and by labyrinth standards, this could be classified as a contemporary style instead of a maze. The one choice just gave the walker an opportunity for a little diversion before completing the walk.

CFriaspark_PathsFrom the list of things that matter in this game, the idea of unity in the community has long been one of my themes in leadership. While in the past I have coordinated people with purpose and passion and brought things together that were meaningful and fitting. This past year I had some new opportunities to create some unique ideas for individuals that wanted to learn some new skills that uniquely fit their abilities. I loved designing specific programs to meet these requests and realized this was just another way to bring the unity of the myriad of abilities each of us has into the community of the individual and how they lived in work and play.



As I walked this labyrinth I was reminded of wanting to bring unity to the many diverse branches that make up my community. Simplify became a word I had been using in this diversely transitioning year as I knew the more I simplified and reduced, the more of what was really important and significant would show up.


CFriaspark_PathsLike this labyrinth, the outline or structure of it was set as the unity and the many ways I could walk it would be the community. If the directions I was taking didn’t fall into either category, it wasn’t necessary and just added complication. This labyrinth had a built in point of diversion, though the choice to take it was always mine. A good reminder that I can choose to keep it simple or stir things up a bit when needed.. it’s all part of my community of choices.

The person who playfully popped into my head was one delightful individual that I had the opportunity to assist in putting a workshop program together with. I created an outline and over months of time we chatted and filled in the pieces. We often side tracked with other conversation, relative though not germane. To build the many aspects of the workshop, we tossed out a community of ideas, and then over time unified them into simple concepts.

CFriaspark_GirlsLike this walk today, two girls happily came running into the labyrinth and raced around to the center. A young boy came with  a dog he hoped would walk the circuits unleashed and then a young mother with two children in tow talking constantly. Each had a different pace and purpose for being there, though all walking together with a common interest in mind building a unity in our community as we walked appreciating each others individuality.



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