Welcome Words for December…. Let’s Play a Game!

I like to think about the months of November and December as the embers… they are the months when we step back and begin to rem-ember. I also like to play games and do so to help organizations, groups and individuals rem-ember what is important, what is true and what will make the world a better place.

With the idea of playing and remembering…
I invite you to play a little game this December with your labyrinth.

If you choose to have a little fun with  play, I only ask that you share the results with us on this blog or send along your experience(s) and any images to 365Club@labyrinthsociety.org

Play… The 12 Days of Labyrinths 

To walk at least 12 times this month with specific focus

You create a list of what is important to help you to do this with joy and ease.

Set up:

  • 1. Make a list of 12 items that are most important to you.
  • 2. Find 12 different labyrinths that you wish to use for the play of this game.
  • 3. Make a list of 12 different gifts/abilities/skills you have.
  • 4. Think of 12 people who have made a difference in your year.

The Play:

  1. Commit to walking 12 times this month.
  2. Find a new labyrinth each time you walk… be creative and think outside the circle, finger labyrinths, drawing, online, WWLL, Join a walk, paint, design, etc
  3. Focus as you move into the labyrinth walk… what one item from your list pops up immediately from what is important?
  4. As you reach the center,focus on what skill you have that matches or comes up from that importance.
  5. As you find your way out of the center in reflection, focus on who among the list of people who contributed to your life this year in a significant way, would benefit from what is important and what you might do about it with your skill/talent or ability.
  6. From your walk today you will find an equation:
    New Labyrinth + What’s important + your talents/abilities + who made a difference = an interesting experience to repeat differently 12 times this month.

LetsPlayHow to WIN the game:

Play with your first thoughts, keep it simple, have fun, get creative, be imaginative and curious, play with an open heart, be ready to discover something new, enjoy yourself, say thank you, and remember… it’s a game!

Great Bonus Points: Share with us on this blog your experiences, discoveries, gratitudes, and wins and when you do, we all learn..enjoy and play more happily together.  Who’s Game?

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Questions, thoughts or clever ideas?
Contact: Lynda Tourloukis, 365 Club Chair, Labyrinth Society

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6 thoughts on “Welcome Words for December…. Let’s Play a Game!

  1. Sherry Billtz

    Great idea! I am going to try! Today I have my pre-op classes for my new knee. The surgery is scheduled for December 12th, and for the first time in my life and I very consumed with “me”! I usually love to help other people and now I guess I need to help me.
    The labyrinth will be a valuable tool for the journey.

    • tls365club

      Thanks Sherry… we are on the same path in the time of self care. My auto accident and Physical Therapy have curtailed some activities, though the inner journey is inspiring. Remember there are many ways to walk a labyrinth, this is a time for delicious creativity and hopefully the other parts of this game at a time when you can really appreciate, will inspire! Play well!

      • R u ok Linda? Did the TLS board know about your accident? We’ll send you lots of love, chuckles and good juju to get u tip top in no time!

      • tls365club

        Thanks Christiana. All is good, on the mend and moving along the path. I find accidents are rarely accidental and the messages are like the metaphors. Finding this has brought those too. Appreciate your love and laughter, you know I love that!

  2. Renie

    I am open to make the 12 day commitment part of my daily exercise and have been trying some new ways to work with labyrinths for balance and healing. My recent daily walks have been with the diamond shaped Labyrinth of Transcendence; drawing and coloring both a left and right the 5 circuit pattern representing the elements of fire, air earth, water and spirit.
    I have also just purchased a double 7 circuit intuit path I am curious to compare to my other 7 circuit wooden labyrinth for healing and balance all bodies especially physical and emotional.
    So this game appeals to my sense of exploration. Let the games begin…

    • tls365club

      Game on Renie! I think you are into the spirit as you may discover even more labyrinths as we move along, or new ways to walk the ones you do have. Enjoy and we look forward to hearing your discoveries

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