Preparations for Play

Yesterday I prepared for play. Here is a link to the game and a way to better remember in December the experiences of your year and what may lay ahead. The 12 Days of Labyrinths.

12DaysOfLabyrinthsI didn’t have to do much on the first welcoming day of December except to walk. For those of you new to the 365 Club, the promise is to walk everyday and having done so for years, this is always fun because I never know how or when I will walk. Though before I sleep at night, I have found a way that I hadn’t planned and I laugh with how delightfully the universe works… and without question… I of course, laugh everyday too.

12ImportantThe first thing on the set up for 12 Days of Labyrinths play was to create a list of 12 things important to me. I wrote out the first six items…and then I remembered, ha ha… walk. Before I write anything else, I will walk with the intention and so I reached for one of the finger labyrinths. Like a flip had switched on, the remaining six items poured out.

I thought about walking with the idea of my 12 different gifts and abilities and for the 12 people of influence in my life this past year. Chartres Finger LabyrinthThen I thought about the 12 different labyrinths I might like to walk and suddenly the feeling of “planning” and “organizing” came over me. While it has a great functional purpose, the spontaneous honesty that comes when in step does a lot more for me than planning will ever do. Mind that I am a great organizer and planner, though listening and following the feeling is occurring to awaken a more developing part of my brain.

With that in mind I will simply not be in a hurry to play and take what this day gives in the 12 important things. Tomorrow I imagine I shall discover more than 12 gifts in the walk with a hearty laugh knowing more intimately what is really important.

Play well, have fun and use your 31 days of this month playfully contemplating and cultivating the merry meaning of the 12 Labyrinths. 

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