Gifts, Talents and Abilities

12DaysOfLabyrinthsWe are playing… The 12 Days of Labyrinths Game
Play along in December, any 12 days or just make it last all month. I chose to take three days and set it up well before I began, though all are welcome to play it their way.
The Game and How to Play
Preparations for Play


Who would have thought discovering our gifts would be as easy as a simple walk?

A curious mind can create all kinds of wonder as it seems persistent to know a truth and relentless in the ways it might pursue it. ChildsLabyrinthHopefully the idea of relating to the 12 different gifts, talents, skills and abilities will be enjoyable, affirming and enlightening in some small way. Whenever I think I have arrived and know a great deal, a little introspection tells me I really have arrived at the very tip of a large iceberg… look deeper.

Walking on this today proved much like yesterday, much more than expected. Yesterday the 12 things that matter to me came out in two parts, one from my first thoughts before the walk and the other half from my introspective feelings. When I later looked at that list I realized the concepts I listed were related to the projects and ideas I wanted to materialize. What was important to me registered further on an internal level personally, then purposefully and professionally what was important externally. The closer look produced a profound and purposeful stamp of aha!

Today I found acknowledging all those special things that make me who I am add purpose to what, how and why I do what I do was very affirming.  On the walk I discovered a hilarious blend of depth and introspection mixed with a light hearted reminder that none of this is all too serious. Rather, it is meant to serve as a way to remember in December a more reflective quality of what this year has been all about.

YogurtIt could very well be that the feeling of lightheartedness had something to do with the labyrinth I used today.  I felt a bit playful so opted in favor of a yogurt labyrinth… lunch and learning!  A thin spreading of creamy yogurt on a platter made it easy to use my finger to draw out the design, while snacking along the way. I could have drawn it in reverse so that the border would remain while I dined on the yogurt path. Instead I wanted to every bite, so drew my finger through the yogurt on the platter to create the borders.

YogurtLabyrinthOn the second time around, I enjoyed the tangy paths until the yogurt was consumed leaving no evidence of it on the platter and now laying somewhere on the inner labyrinth of my intestines, digesting happily. This is finger walking finger licking goodness! (I’ve also done this with school children using chocolate pudding…yummy!)

I realized that 12 different labyrinths might seem daunting to some, playing with the idea gives way to all kinds of opportunities. When I start thinking of only what is in front of me, I know a few things. Just a  happy headslap later, I am reminded to open the eyes of scarcity to see the abundance that surrounds.

Play well with yourself, be kind and discover more when you explore!

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