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12DaysOfLabyrinthsWe are playing… The 12 Days of Labyrinths Game
Play along in December, any 12 days or just make it last all month. Today’s post is about one of the elements of  preparation… there are three things to do and when you give yourself a walk and a little time, you may find more than expected. 
The Game and How to Play
Preparations…12 Things that Matter
Preparations…12 Gifts, Talents or Abilities


On this third day of this play we are considering in the setup, forming the list of 12 people who pop into your mind that had an important influence this year. 

It seems it’s been an immense year with much depth and gravity, as if this were the year that made THE impact on all the others. Indeed personally speaking it has, and perhaps that is why the last month of it makes such an important message to remember what is essential.

Before considering the people who have influenced me,  the play of finding a different labyrinth beckons. Not a challenge, but a curious bit of fun in the day. I haven’t begun the 12 days, though I have been curious about the labyrinths and were I will find them.

labylocatorIf in a hurry, one thing that can be used for finding a traditional structure and perhaps more familiar to those that walk the labyrinth with regularity, is the World Wide Labyrinth Locator.  It can be of great assistance in finding permanent structures nearby and it is a great solution when traveling.

Do I really have the moments to stop and consider, play with the idea or get happily sidetracked in finding a new way to walk a labyrinth?  Of course I don’t, though this fun commitment to myself helps me to remember that this is a game, it’s meant to be enjoyed and explorative.

How much better will my day be if I take moments to myself in a little creativity? I like to keep things simple, so will offer some ideas in each post… may it get your creative juices flowing and do feel free to share in the comments, where you found your 12 labyrinths.

ClothesLabyrinthToday however was laundry day and suddenly my head turned from the pile of clothes to the open space in the living room where I am staying. Considering myself at times quite efficient, I thought I would enjoy airing a bit of  dirty laundry. After all, if we want to get honest with ourselves and with those that contributed, shaped or influenced our lives, then we have to shake out the stories with a little cleansing truth for appreciative gratitude to really shine.


Three Circuit Labyrinth with Seed Pattern in Red

Laundry day became labyrinth play as the clothes seemed to stretch out enough to create a three circuit labyrinth complete with the Tide to wash over all. Happily I only required outer garments along with the towels and sheets to accomplish my goal. Once the walk satisfied, all the clothes were happily washed having serviced themselves well as  clothing for the labyrinth.

Walking with the idea of who stood out in my life this year,  gave reason to pause and really understand the greater nature of who and what popped into my head and just what it was that made them stand out in my mind as a person of influence this past year. Those who contributed to me in the year came easy to mind before the walk, they just flowed onto the list like they had into my life this year. They had  just been there when I reached around to find an answer and each had a greater role to play with me.

What I found in walking through the piles of clothes, were many other ways that seemed tucked into the folds of fabric that enriched and influenced this year. Everyone who came to mind was valued in how they showed up. Though what dawned was also how I had also serviced them, as if mutually designed in gratitude.

CheckMark_clipboardUpon the reflective part of the walk was a greater realization how each individual was also part of a dynamic group or organization I was involved in, contributed to or received from so each in a way was backed by a larger entity. It was as if I discovered the double benefit I had not before noticed. I now have my people of influence list complete!

12 different worlds arrived to orbit my home base and in the giving their indeed was much receiving. I am profoundly moved by the insight and the greater ways that I have been touched by others. I look forward to moving into this 12 days of introspection…playfully and with a lot of heart.  These first three days were more than I imagined in just preparing.

May your day be so inspired and may  you take your time to delve into the insights waiting at your center. Play with ideas and the joy of remembering the great fullness of your year.

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