Day Six… Play with your food, Play with your mood

12DaysOfLabyrinthsPlay along in December, any 12 days or just make it last all month. Today’s post moves beyond the simple preparations into the action of the game itself. Read The Game and How to Play in the link below to follow along. Then send along comments of your experience. 
The Game and How to Play
Preparations…12 Things that Matter
Preparations…12 Gifts, Talents or Abilities
Preparations…12 People of Influence
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On the sixth day of Labyrinths… It’s time to look at all the busy in our days and how we make it more busy and dizzy to create the Holid-DAZE!

FootprintTracesI thought about this idea as I watch Mom walk from office- to kitchen- to patio- to kitchen -to patio- to kitchen- to office and then finally stand in the center of the living room and throw her hands up in the air in exasperation and surrender.

She had meant to go into the kitchen, grab three things and go out to the patio. By the time she arrived in the kitchen she remembered one of the items and headed out to the patio and promptly forgot the other two. Then she got distracted and went into the office. It was a cycle of curiosity until she finally surrendered at making all the trips back and forth.

labyrinth_directionsHer back hurt so she was truly making a laudable effort every time she went back and forth. I wasn’t sure at first what she was doing, though could feel a growing sense of frustration. Until she surrendered there was nothing much to do as she had a beeline focus. When she finally did stop,  I smiled and told her she had been walking the path of the labyrinth and when she finally reached her point of surrender, she had reached the center.

From there she decided to sing out the items she was looking for from now on, though she began to realize how she did this a lot so this moment of centering frustration and surrender gave her a new outlook… and she didn’t even know she had been on the path of the unwinding labyrinth of solutions!

I realized that there are so many more ways that we do this whether walking back and forth or simply doing repetitive tasks in cycles with detours. Each is labyrinthic in its own way and perhaps we might become aware of what we do routinely and whether it has been an effective or efficient pattern and where it has not.

FoodPyramidLabyIn what matters today the idea of being routine and cyclical brought forth the idea of health and well being. Falling into patterns can be a blessing when it is intentional and purposeful toward our lives, the routine of fitness and food is one very integral consideration as it forms foundations for life.

Around the holiday time our routines can be somewhat disruptive and all are good intentions can be usurped by the call of a raspberry chocolate soufflé or just one more …small cookie. Generally these situations don’t break us, though they are reminders that soon the holidays and crazy ways will be over and our return to normal will be at hand.

All year I have been conscious of improved health and well being. So much of my direction this year is unknown and so I wanted to put my thumb on what did matter and something I could take charge of differently. As a result it has worked out well and between the fitness routine I began in February and the different methods of food preparation and considerations I have experienced, I have released much weight and wiggle on my way toward fitness and feeling good.

What I used… variety, intention, dedication, gentility, and simply believing my way to eating well and moving more. There is still a way to go, though I am happily a product of my own development… the same as how I got here in the first place. Now I just realize the value in accepting it more.

DrKandIThe person of influence toward my health and well being, Dr. Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga. He invited me to contribute to the university in India and that invitation put me back on track with a rededication to many important values in my life. It redirected and opened doors to my contributions elsewhere and the vegetarian style with a healthful cleanse I took on while in India put me on a path to release even more during my two month stay.

We had a heartfelt conversation one day where he looked me in the eye, acknowledged something significant, spoke a heartfelt truth and then advised me to take a simple action. It may have been simple, yet this one bit of honest advice and action has made all the difference in my year. I am humbly grateful!

FoodLabyThe labyrinth of the day? I thought I might play with my food and see what comes of it. This is just a small bit of what I have been eating this year to make a difference. I laugh over my food to add joy before it is consumed, I pray, and sometimes I play. It only took a few minutes and for those aspiring to create labyrinths, play with your food and see what delightful designs you might like to eat.

To our health, happiness and the people who matter! 

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7 thoughts on “Day Six… Play with your food, Play with your mood

  1. Healthy lifestyle is very important to me. I really enjoyed reading your story, and I love the food labyrinth! Sure makes us more mindful of what we are eating…

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