Day Ten… Passion for Purpose

12DaysOfLabyrinthsPlay along in December, any 12 days or just make it last all month. Today’s post moves beyond the simple preparations into the action of the game itself. Read The Game and How to Play in the link below to follow along. Then send along comments of your experience. 
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On the tenth day of Labyrinths… I moved with Passion, mindful of a developing new path and the art of allowing it to unfold with purpose, grace and humble prosperity. Labyrinths unfolded like a resplendent repository of riches from my travels as I brought out a selection of wooden finger labyrinths and two canvas labyrinths to host a workshop.

IMG_4582I had planned to be on the West Coast looking after and visiting my Mom while sharing a few opportunities. A car accident short circuited many of my plans and turned my intentions around to realize a reflective period to foster self care and realize value. For the past seven weeks I have managed to allow a natural course to chart itself and while it sometimes felt as if it needed my input, when I remembered to step back, I was rewarded with a better answer than I might have conceived otherwise.

IMG_4584The workshop today was a manifestation of an easy conversation that filled a need on many levels. I was delighted at the opportunity to be working again, although what I do is hard to consider work, I would call it being purposeful and contributing again. Though without regular purpose,  I began to feel fidgety so I found a circle nearby to practice Reiki energetics with and in discovering that they wanted to create a day of vision boards, I smiled as I recall a blog post where I shared my innovative idea for vision boarding and labyrinths.

The Director loved the idea and so I brought a 20 foot classical canvas design made for the Hope Fest of 911 at the ten year anniversary. It had become a type of “graffiti” labyrinth that served to live on in hope, harmony and happiness for the life beyond. I have used it for several unique workshops and session walks. The small canvas petite Chartres design accompanied this workshop as well.

IMG_4587Each individual had just come from the healing circle so they were full of the love that accompanies such a gathering and into the workshop they carried themselves ready to dive into their vision. Explaining the labyrinths was a relatively easy and flowing process with each point similarly stretching a point and coming around to suggest ideas and helpful aids that might allow each to move into their walk with mission in mind.

IMG_4592An idea I had shared earlier this year was to place a plastic board over a vision board and inscribe a labyrinth on the plastic. On the earlier one, I had cut through the plastic board to forge the path. That design was back in the Midwest so I purchased a clear shower liner and with heavy marker outlined the design of a labyrinth on several large 20″ squares. When the vision boards were complete, the light plastic was placed on top the vision board so that each could activate their vision.

IMG_4591I shared how to draw a simple seed pattern, so that each might draw out their own on plastic and use them regularly to stimulate their vision. It was a rich sharing and a purposeful day filled with the creative passion that drives my purpose.

On this day of being in the passion with the purpose I thought of the inspiration of a new friend I met this year. She came along at a time that really made a difference for both of us. I offered her a service she sought, shared with joy and passion that she aligned with and since that time we have held that similar interest and love.

IMG_4590It reminds me that when we are passionate, we find purpose and in knowing each of these,  we step into the love of feeling connected. When we are fortunate to meet and appreciate others with similar personas and paths, we understand more of purpose with passion and we are grateful.

This was such a day that took me by the hand, appreciated the gifts that materialized, felt the passion and knew the purpose.

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