Day Eleven… Divine Prosperity

12DaysOfLabyrinthsPlay along in December, any 12 days or just make it last all month. Today’s post moves beyond the simple preparations into the action of the game itself. Read The Game and How to Play in the link below to follow along. Then send along comments of your experience. 
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On the eleventh day of Labyrinths, we come to the eve of Christmas, always a beautiful time for a reflective walk.

IMG_4598On this day I took a trip north and realized amidst the majesty of the mountains and the open sky, the long strip of expressway road alongside the Peyote Indian Reservation area. A little farther up was the Correctional Institution and getting closer to my destination was the Air Force Base. In all it was about a 40 minute drive in search of a new labyrinth.

Getting there was a pattern of labyrinth I might call an ulterior motive of the builders, if it weren’t for the fact that they didn’t have command of the highway and off road system. The directions were as simple as I found them written, though because the destination was tucked away, I had to recall that I was to watch for a certain side exit, two billboards and a certain crop of trees.

IMG_4599Finding the exit I pulled off only to find it was simply a loop that put me back on the expressway, until I recognized I could drive across the expressway to a road on the other side. From there I headed onto the dirt trail feeling the adventure of an off roader stir. I followed the trail for a bit noting its interesting turns and elevations. I didn’t know how far in the labyrinth sat, though felt it was most likely located near the Temple that purposed its existence.

After the road narrowed and the trail appeared to have no end, I stopped and considered how I might turn around. It was one lane with a drop off on either side and all alone out in this deserted area, I decided that a slow measured process of moving back and forth might not be the ideal move of an off roader, though in my case it served well in revolving 180 degrees effectively.

IMG_4611Having found my way back out to the street, I found a short way down the road was another inlet. Fortunately it didn’t take long to navigate to my destination. I had arrived at Sekmeth’s Temple. This was a small structure without doors and a domed open ceiling that was used for meditations and understanding the feminine spirit. They called it the Goddess or the Mother and had iconic imagery adorned to celebrate all aspects of the divine feminine.IMG_4613

The Temple had four directional cutouts and each showcased the mountains and the desert areas as if designed for photographic artistry. As I stepped out of the Temple, I could see the Labyrinth off to the south located at the end of a curved trail.

The trail was outlined with area rocks that made a perfect outline for the path. Coming up to the labyrinth, I noted smaller rock of the same quality was used to create the design with a dark portion in the center to symbolize the Mother in movement.

IMG_4637I found it quite something to be walking this classical design surrounded by mountains on all sides, tumbleweed and desert plants circling the permitter and stretching across the expanse of the open plains while the sky opened in endless blue overhead. This indeed was divine property and a suitable pick to honor and celebrate the feminine spirit.

I knew before I began my walk that the significant people who showed up in my world would be the Women’s Circle that I had been a part of all year. The essence of this place would call to their hearts, and for me it called them to my heart and mind in this walk. In this year of transition, they were always there in spirit and love ready to tackle the important ideas are group represented each week. I cherish and honor each of the women and the greater purpose for the circle.

IMG_4630The concept of prosperity also came up, which is one of the points of our circle as well. This labyrinth was indeed prosperous in its very natural rich abundance of materials that made it up. When one looked at the area settings, they amplified the bounty of Mother Nature, indeed it was a good concept from my topic list of importance to consider.

IMG_4655As I walked along, I thought of the new direction I was taking and how it applied to prosperity. I began to think of as well of the things I was to gift my children with for the holidays. I am not one for the traditional gifts and this year I know with my many changes, the one thing I could give to my children was a Mom on the Move. I wanted to let them know I would be ok and that they might be inspired by some of the things I was undertaking. So as I walked I thought of how they had been my inspiration from a serious illness when they were young. I couldn’t die, I had children to live for. It propelled me and moved me with great purpose.

IMG_4659While these changes may not be the life threatening scenario of years past, they do call for inspiration and action. I realized that in the three areas I wanted to move, I might gift my children with the knowledge that they are my motivation and spirit for accomplishment. So for Christmas I wrote up a card for my son that named him my inspiration and dedication for the writing and projects I wanted to complete. I wrote one to my daughter sharing the same with the unity community building I was to do locally and across the nation. For my youngest daughter, I named her my spark for adventure and travel that I wanted to accomplish.

IMG_4648Each now had a reason to check in as my support and resource as they saw fit and so did I.  They also might realize that this encouraged me to be a better person and in turn they might become better  themselves inspired to know what can be done and how to appreciate and utilize support from others. In all it seemed to have more meaning than any gift I could purchase. Maybe next year they might just name me an inspiration for something they might want to accomplish.


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