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Happy New Year

2015NewYearMay the blissful beginnings of a New Year yield positive vibrations that build from the beginning of this path that lies unknown before us and extends purposefully in the steps we create along the way searching our many goals at the center.

It is said that there are many diversions and changes flowing in the air that will continue this year to perhaps unsettle us from the normal and maybe to engage us with new possibilities in our evolving lives. We tend to be resistant to change, even when we know it is going to happen anyway. Change is life’s way of saying that it moves and grows. It is our message to listen to, absorb and comprehend somewhat to act in some way to obtain a result. ┬áSometimes we are paying attention to this process and sometimes we are not.

On this path of a new year, we tend to pay attention on the day of the event. Yet our tool of the labyrinth allows us the opportunity to pay attention everyday, particularly if you are in this club.

Perhaps this year we also find a voice to communicate what we are paying attention to and share in what we receive. There is always someone out there that would benefit when we extend a hand or an idea.

For this year, I simply breath into the bliss that exists in the world because I am paying attention today and ask that in all the whirl of change, we can find it situated here in the center of the labyrinth as if it were the center of us. May we all walk into the bliss with each daily commitment to walk this year and may we walk out a little more full from the experience.

Enjoy the wild and wooly bliss that fills our year of 2015, and may we all make it a more fulfilling experience for being in it. Happy New Year walkers!


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