The Heart of February

2015 Labyrinth HeartFebruary to me always has the month of the heart in it, not as if any other month does not, though I think those ingrained years of Valentines has imprinted that this month indeed has a deeper focus on the heart. This is probably true with all who celebrate this one day of the year. I guess that is because love is so much a part of who we are. In simple thought, we all just want to love and we all want to be loved.

We tend to spend our lifetime attempting to discover the purpose of our life knowing the answer is always love. It seems that the question is always how we will offer and receive that love. It strikes me that this tool that lends itself to speak our truth answers that very question each time we give our focus to it. In the 365 Club, I am curious as to we who commit to making daily focus, do this?

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