Just for Today

It has been awhile since writing, though it is even longer for you so we won’t make to much of it. Just for today, a little walking and a little writing will do.

The idea of Just for Today, is a concept used in the Reiki circle, as it asks us to let go of “having to” and asks us to simply not be in the past remorse and not yet in tomorrow’s worry, just be right here in today and see what you can do. It is a wonderful concept that encourages us just for right now, just in this minute and just…

This makes it simple and easy and we find ourselves in the doing. Just this step and see where it goes, just this next step to keep the other one company and see if we like it. There is a quote that I love from Francis of Assisi that reminds us to do what is necessary. If we can accomplish that the next step is to do what is possible. Before long we are charged and encouraged to do what we not to long ago thought was the impossible.

I think this comes on because the impossible has been knocking at my door since before the year began and it doesn’t seem to have anywhere to go but stay on my stoop waiting to remind me. I find I have done the impossible and that it is much like our walks of the everyday, one step in front of the other and soon we are moving with purpose.
Yet there are so many impossibles that they seemed to have collaborated as if inspired by each other.

IMG_4590One step in and I look around the labyrinth, I am reminded by all the messages left by those who have walked before. Some remind me of the individuals who left the messages, some just make me smile. They begin with thankfulness and gratitude and then the ironic message by one individual of sending positive energy and recently making an acquaintance of someone who does just that periodically. It’s all a metaphor, a message and it reminds… just for today.

So no matter what is whirling around in the ethers, just for today…just for now I walk. I am reminded of all the possible I have created and I walk knowing that each step is an accomplishment in the possible, and just for today…that’s enough.

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