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April Showers

labyrinth lessonsAs a new month begins we are again at the opportunity of fresh beginnings and in this month known as the month that brings rain, let it be one that relates to our walk in the release, rinse and refreshing of our souls. Shake off the months of Winter and begin with a fresh cleanse to wash away any of the left over so that the Spring’s washing allows for a soul stepping smartness into the month well.

From wise souls we learn to release, letting go of what we were holding onto knowing that anything true will be available, allowing the myths to dissolve without support. In the labyrinth we release all to discover what is necessary and as we begin this month, cleanse with the season to release.

All that is true and purposeful will have a bright and shiny perspective beaming when the rains lift. Enjoy life as a fish does, flowing with the stream of infinite possibilities.

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