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Celebrate your Juneous!

June2015Each day a new way presents itself, sometimes with a bit of the old for comfort or clarity and sometimes completely perplexing and out of the ordinary. Our walks are a bit like that as we often begin with an idea and then somewhere lost in the steps we begin to realize that life is not all as planned. Life has a way of listening to us and giving us what we require, even when we don’t think we asked for it.

The thing about life, it goes on and when we are checked out, it gives us directions and ideas though it often helps us more when we are paying attention. Mindful and on purpose we often have more choice and a chance to direct what we sometimes might think indirectable.

What lies within the labyrinth is the opportunity to move from mere intelligence to genius. Perception of intelligence is know how, genius however is the actual doing of a thing with what is available. What lies within us, is much the same as what we find in our walk, genius. The infinite possibility of something we can do that we just didn’t see before. It is usually a spark of an idea with a process to carry it out all rolled into one for use to separate and participate in.

As the warmth of this summer season begins to heat up the Earth, let it also warm your genius and make each day’s walk this month inspire you to take action and apply the Juneous effect!

Look forward to the end of the month where the efforts of our endeavors deliver us more than we would if we did not apply any effect. Celebrate what does show up.

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