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Footprints in the Sand

Soleful excursions of AugustWelcome August and the last month of summers leisurely pleasure. August symbolizes our last moments to enjoy the outdoors, the season of freedom from outer garments and those last opportunities to go barefoot for many. Kick off your shoes in the labyrinth and step lively letting your feet feel the freedom and abandon of the Earth that tenderly holds the framework for your footsteps

Explore this month of lasts the many tactile pleasures your feet can find to walk the labyrinth, whether it is outdoors or inside, be on the lookout for letting your feet get connected with physical feeling. Notice how that physical connection with your feet affects your mind and your soul too. Sometime we don’t give our feet the credit for sampling the summer in the way that they do and in this month you may wish to take advantage of that thought process.

Really let your feet dip into the wiles of weather and nature and enjoy all the different ways to feel the labyrinth from a foot loose perspective. Let this month be your appreciation to your feet to say thanks for carrying me all day, every day. Be in a kind of wonder about all that your feet get out of the places they take you and stop to reflect on how your barefootedness can affect your mood and attitude.

Explore, expand and excite your soles in a soulful appreciative way everyday!

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