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Launching Private 365 Club Facebook page October 1stToday, October 1, 2015  also marks the launch of a new Facebook page for our club. It is a private page for those who are registered members. Our purpose has been to walk daily and in doing so it is a commitment we make. Support, resources, ideas, motivation and inspiration come in the forms of what is shared by others on the same path.

Whether it is a creative new idea to consider or a similar struggle, together we have something in common, our appreciation and value for the labyrinth. Some will see the metaphor, some the patterns and some will just unwind the mind. Whatever our walk in life, we know it will show up on our labyrinth and in this we are easily in step with each other. Laughing, learning, experimenting and comforting that is the passion and purpose of this group.

If you are not a member and would like to be, register your information at the Labyrinth Society at this link: 365 Club Membership

If you are a member, you will have received an email notification to join. If you have not, we may not have your current email. Please send update info to 365Club@labyrinthsociety.org

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