Pumpkin Patch Promises

Pumpkin Labyrinth TLS Annual Gathering

The Pumpkin Labyrinth at the TLS Gathering in New Harmony, Indiana

Happy Fall and welcome to the month of October. Named for the eighth month of which it once was in the Julian calendar, October is our tenth month in the year of your life.

We are daily walkers and in this month, ask what makes you committed to the path?  In a world of instant gratification and urgency, how is it that we create value in being attended to our purpose or promise each day?

What do we hold important in our walk and how is it the same or different in the other things we do in our lives for meaning? It says something about character when we can make a devotion to ourselves to listen, learn and reflect and beyond the questions of the curious mind, there is also appreciation and gratitude reflections to ourselves for what we not only say we find important, but actually follow through and stay connected to the invested time we make for what matters.

Labyrinth in a pumpkin by LabyrinthLessons.comThe pumpkin knows its season to be in the fall harvest and it yields both nutrition and savory sensation as well as a time of remembrance. Every year this time shows up and if planted, the pumpkin arrives to serve the purpose it was planted for and perhaps a little creativity along the way.

Without the intent and active nurturing components it would not arrive on schedule if at all. This is purely a seasonal expectation, though imagine cultivating the pumpkin for everyday appreciation? That is how it is with the seeds we plant and care enough to sow, when we have a value for the promise it holds, we commit the time and care to see it through.

Harvest the harmony of promise and purpose this month.

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