hermitageIt’s always a good reminder to step back and take a look at the whole picture before proceeding forward when you have a question about something you are doing. When you are in the zone of what you are doing and trust the feeling you flow with, then full speed ahead. Life is a balance of knowing yourself in those moments.

In the spirit of the known and unknown, we tend to fall vastly in the land of in-between as humans go and see the two ends of the spectrum perhaps as the extremes. They aren’t really, though just the point of review and both equally important.

This retreat was a step back and a step forward. There was a labyrinth present to explore and reflect, though in the expanse of the property the winding paths moved in various directions and back again. When we stop and reflect where we are in any given moment, we can be reminded that we are at the center of any moment in time and when and where we walk can be a mindful loop of releasing the preconceived, receiving the experience and reflecting upon it.

Hermitage Retreat Images


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