The Annual Gathering 2015 …in Reflection

The Road to Waycross

The theme for 2015 was branching out, and from the heart of America, just south of Indianapolis in the seat of arbor filled Brown County, the setting for the 17th Annual Gathering of the Labyrinth Society unfolded. A year in the making, the seed was planted and collaborators came together to help nourish ideas to help it grow. Presenters and contributors helped it stand tall and inviting, and participants helped it to extend and branch out. From our US states and places beyond, extending our borders to as far away as Portugal, they came. All gathering for renewal, education, connection and allowing a purpose to form to give us directions that would carry us back outward at the completion of this short time together.

There were receptions, introductions and opportunities for the new to become acquainted with the walk of many paths. The seed patterns took root and grew on the property to extend in out areas and common areas alike, in multitude and variety for all to experience at their own pace. Some of the paths were designated with purpose and in some the purpose came from the walk. In all there was delighted creativity available to express itself artfully in meaningful manner.

2015 Annual TLS Gathering

From the playful to the responsible all functions of the gathering assumed their part in the walk created together, and from the community walk to the solo moments, all the labyrinths found their utilization purposeful to the mindful and once again the components left an impressionable image of a year’s walk on the path.

Old friends united, new friends became a part of the family and the sharing and caring once again evoked a feeling and sense of the larger perspective of the Labyrinth Society’s mission. We learned from the seed patterns, new emergence with practice, patterns and possibilities for our understanding. We learned from the leadership, what lies within the organization to help us grow external and we appreciated the contributions and efforts of those who added to the year of journey.

TLS Annual Gathering 2015

One could feel gratitude for those that shared their comprehension and widened our paths of wisdom and knowledge, from the data to the design our “how to” was satisfied. We look forward to the paths of those in great creation to share their future stories and tell us what’s ahead, as we look back in closing ceremony to appreciate the messages.

In this year’s close we were guided by an important message and the romp of a guide dog that encircled and pranced throughout to remind us to take the message and walk lightly, perhaps more  playfully and appreciate the simple truths of life when we forget and take it all so seriously.

Houston 2016 TLS GatheringThis is the gathering of souls who love to walk the paths of curiosity, this is the gathering of individuals who care and share the ways to walk together and this is the Annual Gathering of the Labyrinth Society that makes a community out of individuals, giving us roots to grow from and …branch out.

Blessings to those that gathered, blessings to those who could not….Waycross in Indiana 2015
Reflections of 2015
Lynda Tourloukis, TLS 365 Club Chair

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  1. This is beautiful, Lynda. My I have permission to post it on the TLS website as the 2015 Gathering Retrospective?

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