On the Path

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I find on the path today

a soft gray nest of goose down

with every step another small pinecone

abundance of hope flung with wild abandon.

And leaves the color of pumpkins and fire

finch feathers and wet clay, scarlet, sunset, siren.

Acorns and the perfect caps that acorns wear.

I find on the path today

a memory of bread

the gift of her weekly ritual on Saturday morning

pungent smell of yeast

her hands always moving

measure, pour, mix, flour, water, salt.

And then the waiting

next to the window where the sun streamed in.

On the path today, how all seven loaves fit perfectly

in the small oven in the corner of the small kitchen.

Our mouths would water with the smell of it baking.

On the path today that warm bread

that always gathered us in a circle of enough.

Bread for the journey

all you need

bread that feeds you decades later

on the path today.

Gary Boelhower 10/20/2015

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