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The last two years I have had lots of traveling time and that means lots of waiting for flights and transit. I’ve found it a wonderful opportunity to simply be expressive and creative. I wonder how many might plot the course of the labyrinth in their head and then simply walk the path around objects present?  Airports and terminals are full of opportunities. We are always walking the labyrinth!

Instead of taking along a finger labyrinth, I found that I had a variety of ways to create a daily dedication and walk even on an eight hour flight.  I drew them on paper, exploring possibilities with design and meander. I used my food and with a child, the chocolate pudding is always a great forum to spread, swirl and share ideas in. I used strings, necklaces or tissues even to make small patterns and I found I had so many interesting thing tucked into my bags or pockets.

Sometimes I would outline my ideas, a schedule or topics that I would discuss in a training or presentation I was to give, then I would plot it out by drawing the labyrinth and adding the ideas as they popped up where I finger walked.

I also like to print out different designs on paper and laying out three on my tray table, I consider a topic and walk the first in release, using it to support me in just letting go of all the things to do. The next one assists me in being a good receiver so I can really listen to whats at the core and the last allows for the juicy bits to come to fruition. The reflective walk always leads to something more that I didn’t see before.

For a daily practice, I recommend curiosity… its where the labyrinth comes alive!

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One thought on “Traveling Curiosities

  1. Johanna Manasse

    You are infinitely creative, Lynda, and your sharing opens up new possibilities for the rest of us.!

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