The Curious How…

Generally “How” can be identified as Hundreds of Ways. The how of anything is up to the creator of the desire to know. It is embarked upon with a point of reaching satisfaction and sometimes this point of surrender and completion comes from reaching a destination and sometimes it is the fascination of the journey from here to there.

How ?

Yesterday I was asked how I created my traveling journey labyrinth. I found it a playful excursion in relating and reflecting upon my year and my artistic or enjoyable rendering of the travel in lines and segments. It does little to tell of the bounty of the travel, the hardships, discoveries or the purpose of each transit, rather it paints a simple outline for the story to flow with a prioritization that is anchored in time. Sometimes that is all we need is the mere outline to give us the structure to share rich content.

To form the outline, I simply wrote out my travel log from beginning to end. What I discovered was that I began the same place I ended, very like the unicursal travel of the labyrinth. I also found that I had a center point to all the separate trips that I traversed and each took me generally to more than one location and back again, mostly on the same path or along a vein that ran in the same direction. How labyrinth like is that?

If we only looked at our daily trips around the house, we might also see a pattern as to where we begin and end and where we find our central focus. We might also see the revolutions we create and the extensions that allow us to more fully utilize our space followed by a return value to center or beginning point. We might do this in our daily travels; knowing home is our beginning and consummation as the day draws to a close.

I simply used the same concept to materialize the many places I moved from the center in exploration and further purpose and returned again. Indeed it is a marvelous reflection for I have traveled a number of places this year and all with diverse purpose that flows into one larger meaning. It’s reflection speaks volumes to me and in doing so, perhaps your travels of the year, no matter how expansive or how close to home they may have been, will impart a memory, a moment of realization or a meaning that affects you.

How do I ...

As to the How….

  1. I began with a piece of paper as I attempted to list out the places I had been on a map, though found the map to small for visual appreciation. Listing the geography on a timeline.
  2. Next I turned the paper over and simply dotted the paper with all the locations.
  3. Then I drew intersecting lines of my trip to and from, watching the circles develop.
  4. I noticed the pattern of Chicago as my center from which I traveled.
  5. I noticed Las Vegas from where I began and now ended
  6. I noticed the labyrinth of my separate journeys were one larger one of my year
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One thought on “The Curious How…

  1. Renie Brooksieker

    thanks I appreciate the process and now better understand the concept and journey

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