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Begin 2016

What does it mean to begin? Typical expressions may center around starting or commencing an experience, yet what does it mean to you to begin? As it is the beginning of a brand new year and in the message written for the New Year’s wish for a simpler year, 12 words were issued as a greeting. As we can find meaning in the metaphor quite easily with the labyrinth, perhaps it can be a quest for simplicity to find the value for what lies within the simple values we can create and live by this year.

2016BeginExplore the simplicity in beginning and take it in stride in your daily walks this month to examine the complexities in how we live and the ways we do things for ourselves and for all that extend outside ourselves. What does begin mean to you?




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Welcome 2016!


Create a simpler year
Begin. Walk. Discover. Reflect. Appreciate. Accept. Learn. Grow. Live. Love. Inspire. Contribute

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