In Full Presence

The signs were clear, every day or two another gesture.

Hoof prints on the outer circuit, scat on turns three and six.

Imprint of your body in the wet grass.

But when you showed up in your full presence

I took a breath like being born. As I stepped onto the path

I saw you lying at the edge of the labyrinth

staring at me with your kind and serious face

as if to say, “I will witness your journey.”

Your two children in the woods just behind you

Joined by Mom and Grandma VanHoorn and Grandma Boelhower

and the mothers of all ages and the spirits

of all the ancestors gathered in the circle of witness to say,

“You are never alone, your steps your songs your prayers

echo in the great temple of being and here is the center.

All the generations gather around you when you walk.

Yes, sometimes you walk a question and sometimes an alleluia

some days the dark dance of grief and other days the lyrics of laughter

but all in the circle of breath in each moment.”

To receive the gift and gift it back again.

The story is particular and forever the same.

This moment this day this year

you are the child and the parent and the grandparent

and you too will become the ancestor. In a few days

or a few moments the circle will turn for you

and you will witness from the edge of the path

the steps of those who remember your name and who have forgotten.

You will gather around them and breathe your prayers over them

because the dance and the circle are one.

by Gary Boelhower

Categories: The Daily Walk

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