Creating a path with purpose

Double String Contemporary Workshop LabyrinthIn Hawaii plans changed and the two labyrinths I was to make, didn’t happen in the way we expected. One was to be father out and mown into the meadow and the other small and defined, for closer walks near the retreat house. We didn’t have a lot of time so a temporary simple two string contemporary labyrinth was created for our workshop.

We found with two openings it served a lot of purpose, though there was much to ponder and the journey in and out was rather short for processing. We found it much more helpful to walk this labyrinth three times successively give participants more time to ponder. I suggested as they walked in on one side and out the other, and then to simply continue around the outer rim of the circle until the first opening presented itself to enter again and repeat two more times. To our participants if felt more satisfying.

Participants found a variety of ways to create diversity by reversing back through and then around to the beginning and through again as well. It seemed we had lots of simple and practical solutions and its larger message was one of a a reminder that with a little ingenuity any labyrinth can be purposeful to our needs.

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