Fun with an after glow

GlowingFootLabyrinthWorking with kids one must be quick and on their feet. So the challenge of a small box of glowing plastic foot prints gave us lots of opportunity to get out of the box. Who says creativity is just kids play! I had as much fun as they did with ways in which we could create play, games and quite a number of labyrinths. With just these two items to work with the them became about becoming instep with getting out of the box.

The games were fun and imaginative and once I shared a few, others caught on and soon we had quite a lot of fun exploration. Then we began to use them in creation and with the labyrinths that were created this photo was the only one I could capture without kids in it to display. This design was fun because we turned off the lights once we put in on the ground, the feet it seems were glow in the dark. I had the kids walk in and in no time they were all in the center and so I had them walk back out, retracing their steps, backwards!

As the whole team of them did this, it was quite fun to watch them synchronize their steps as everyone just had to step on each footprint going backwards. While this was simply a spiral in, I think they gave it the labyrinth aspect as they had to learn to move within movements as they took each step and so it became the labyrinth of mind and body. It is in the simple things that the greatness is shown.

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