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At the beginning of the year there were 12 words that appeared on the New Year’s walk and kept in the order they appeared, Discover was the third on the list. This month is then about discovery.  Discovery can be the simple and honest truths that appear on the path before us or the questions of life that lead to answers. There is perspective on the path to appreciate; and discovery is one item among the many that can lead to presence and purpose.


March is a month of change where the winds blow it in naturally and relieve the Earth of debris in some areas, where it moves to settle into others. Take notice of what lands in your life at any time this month and perhaps take it in as a message of movement to make purposeful or simply to blow away.

Discovery is found when we are present and paying attention and whether your eyebrows rise up in surprise or you skeptically investigate with furrowed brow, the activity means that you are indeed engaged in the process. Perhaps as you walk, you take notice of your brow and discover what results you get in relation to the tiny hairlines that converge to protect what the eyes see. Engage in discovery and let your path shine purpose.


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