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Welcome May’s Footsteps

A pine cone labyrinth created along a Georgian Hike in the woods of 2016As I find myself traveling much this year again, I discover a real necessity to step out into nature where ever I can. Whether I am on the road in my travels or just landing in a different city,  there is a greater calling to get out into the area and explore both the character  and the natural environment.

Outside of my original purpose for each journey, it adds a bit of balance to the unbalance that traveling can bring and perhaps more in regard to harmony, considering a larger look at blending the experiences of life. I think this year, many are taking that kind of life perspective, though perhaps on a more inward journey.

While its not surprising to walk in the footsteps of historical realities, traveling along the southern states as I move from the West Coast to the East  is more an appreciation from the eyes of newness and wonder of the experiences.

Where I step into nature by way of  a simple walk outdoors or a hike through the woods, into the canyons or along the rivers; I find a grounding and an unfolding by way of the release it affords. I wind my way around in nature and soon come to the reception of the experience as if I have found something of value and meaning. Reflection is a natural part of the process as I move back to the origins with a new beginning in mind.

In this the metaphorical labyrinth is alive in the engaged experience, either with intent at the forefront or reflection in the aftermath. I suppose the past two years of transition has taught me a more insightful introspection to realize the living labyrinth is but a walk in our everyday.

Be blessed in what May has to offer and the footsteps we are fortunate to leave.

Honoring World Labyrinth Day with the creation of a pine cone labyrinth along a nature hike in the woods of the Stone Mountain commemoration outside Atlanta, GA

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